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Inspiring all girls to be strong, smart, and bold

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Girls Inc. Inspires Dalina to Embrace Her Originality

Dalina’s favorite character growing up was Franny K. Stein, the purple haired mad scientist. Dalina always felt she was original, ambitious, and curious like Franny. However, her uniqueness and having to jump from school to school made her feel ostracized. By the time she was a sophomore, Dalina felt like she wasn’t smart enough, and she wasn’t happy with her body. This was made worse by the racial discrimination she experienced for being Eritrean-American.

At Girls Inc., Dalina found a place where she was accepted and that encouraged her originality. She was able to accept her body through fitness and yoga classes, having fun without the fear of being judged. She gained the confidence to voice her opinions and dismantle the common stereotypes of gender and race. She discovered her passion for computer science and programming and gained experience in the field through  internships at multiple tech companies.

Dalina plans on getting a Masters in computer science at Claremont McKenna College and founding her own startup after college. Today, Dalina is strong, smart, and bold, much like Franny who faced her own battles against the monsters she created.

“We are all beautiful, even if society views us as ‘too much’ of something. Girls Inc. is special because it taught me the most valuable lesson of my life: you can never be too much of you."

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Girls Inc. Girls Join the Movement

Girls Inc. of New York City participated in a social media movement to prevent bullying. NYC's local CBS station is encouraging people to post a 10-second video online with the hashtag #IDecde to share how individuals and groups are empowering themselves online and off. Girls Inc. of NYC's video was featured, watch their video and get inspired.

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