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Inspiring all girls to be strong, smart, and bold




Girls Inc. Empowers Rae-Jean to Be Bold through Sports


From an early age, Rae-Jean took on the role of caretaker for her younger siblings. Between her responsibilities at home and her schoolwork, she felt like she was not living the life of a normal teenager. She felt under appreciated and experienced feelings of low self-esteem.

At Girls Inc., Rae-Jean was introduced to sports and found mentors, Ms. Candice and Ms. Nezi, who made her feel valued and supported. They helped Rae-Jean open up about her struggles at home and empowered her to overcome her feelings of self doubt. Sports also gave Rae-Jean a much-needed break from having to care for others and motivated her to start setting goals for herself.

“Girls Inc. helped me find my love for sports, and throughout high school, I have played softball, volleyball, and run track. I would not be the young lady that I am today, knowing that I have a true purpose in life, without the help and support of Girls Inc.”

After graduation, Rae-Jean aspires to play on her college volleyball team and eventually go on to win an Olympic Gold Medal. The internship at a zoo she got through Girls Inc. has also motivated her to pursue an education in marine veterinarian medicine and she plans to eventually join the Navy Marine Mammal program.

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Girls Inc. Joins the United State of Women Summit


Girls Inc. joined the President, First Lady, and Vice President at the United State of Women Summit where over 5,000 advocates celebrated the advancements made towards gender equality and the collective commitment to do more. Girls Inc. President & CEO Judy Vredenburgh, Alumna Shantia McCarthur, and National Scholar Zaa'Raa Padgett all took the stage! 

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