Girls Reflect on the Importance of Equitable Education

Girls Reflect on the Importance of Equitable Education

Global Action Week for Education is an annual worldwide campaign held in April to raise awareness about the importance of education for all, especially for girls and marginalized communities. It advocates for the right to quality, safe, and inclusive education, and calls on governments to invest in and prioritize education. Read below to see what our Girls Inc. Brand Ambassadors value about their education.

Grace, Girls Inc. Participant of the Pacific Northwest:
What I value most about my education is the doors it will open for me. Through my education I’ve learned valuable skills, received advice from people with experiences relative to me, and been able to grow my network. All of these things will help me in my future career and leading up to it as well.

In all the Girls Inc. programs I’ve participated in, I’ve been encouraged to continue my education, and had my goals for my future supported. One of the biggest things that girls lack these days in education is support. It’s extremely hard to pursue something with no backing. By giving girls the resources they need to continue their education, and simply just letting them know that we believe in them, we’ll have a much easier time ensuring them a quality education.

Aubrey, Girls Inc. Participant of New York City:
I value the doors that education opens up for me. I’ve always loved to learn. As a child of immigrant parents, I’ve come to appreciate the opportunities that the American public school system has opened up for me. Girls Inc.’s College Shower class has made education more accessible to me. With my instructors in College Shower, we honed my college essay and I was able to be accepted into Wesleyan University.

I am very grateful for the educational doors Girls Inc. has opened up for me. For young girls, especially young girls of color, the most important thing about education is persistence. We live in a world that consistently deprecates young girls. I’ve learned from my mother that education is the key to uplifting yourself and others. When girls are empowered by education, they are unstoppable.

Maya, Girls Inc. Participant of Orange County:
Making mistakes is one of the aspects of education I value the most. Mistakes are how we learn, and we should all be able to make them with confidence.

The space and importance of being able to explore your passions without worrying about the outcome is a great privilege that I’ve been given by Girls Inc. Through various career exploration programs, Girls Inc. has provided a safe space and community for me to find my passion and given me opportunities such as networking, internships, and mentorship in those fields to further my knowledge. By tackling the school systems themselves and incorporating career exploration into the school curriculum, we can create this wonderful space that Girls Inc. offers in every school, for every girl to experience.