How Representing Girls Inc. at the “Mean Girls” Premiere Changed Me

How Representing Girls Inc. at the “Mean Girls” Premiere Changed Me

Meet Aubrey, a Girls Inc. Brand Ambassador and participant of Girls Inc. of New York City. Aubrey shares her pink carpet experience at the Mean Girls movie premiere in New York City.

Ever since I could remember, I have aspired to become a journalist, but my dreams have never felt so tangible before. I had been given the opportunity by Girls Inc. to interview the cast and crew of the new Mean Girls movie as a Brand Ambassador for Girls Inc. Girls Inc. is the Mean Girls official nonprofit partner creating a discussion guide to engage girls like me around topics that are raised in the film such as self-esteem, anti-bullying, and healthy relationships. 

The scene on the red carpet was unfamiliar and jarring. I had never considered how chaotic a red carpet was, with the cheering fans in competition with the enthusiastic voices of the press. I was so overwhelmed that I could almost feel my aspirations to become a journalist slipping away from me, until I began to spot the faces of talent and crew I recognized and reinvigoration washed over me. I felt validated by the extensive research I had done before the event, and was newly confident once I reminded myself of Girl Inc.’s mission to be strong, smart and bold in everything I do.

 While I was out of my comfort zone, I am eternally grateful to Girls Inc. for giving me the platform to develop my ability to be bold in particular. Typically, I confine myself to quieter activities, and try to limit my interactions with unfamiliar people due to personal struggles with anxiety. At the premiere, staying in my comfort zone was not really an option, and it was the push I needed to reap the benefits of this opportunity to the fullest. By the end of the ‘pink carpet’ portion of the event, I felt proud of my newfound ability to project my voice when asking questions to be heard over the excited din of the crowd. I found so much fulfillment in getting to interact with the cast and crew of Mean Girls, and helping make content documenting the ‘pink carpet. My experience at the premiere has solidified my aspirations to become a journalist. 

As for the movie itself, I felt the nostalgia from enjoying the original Mean Girls  and was intrigued by the new and modern twists in the new film. I saw young girls in situations that mirrored the emotional roller coaster I had just braved moments earlier on the pink carpet, such as self-doubt, and nervousness. It also brought me back to my personal experiences with bullying. Seeing people who looked and acted similarly to me, braving through their own struggles with fitting in and accepting themselves made me feel incredibly seen. I left the movie and this experience feeling changed as a person and am incredibly grateful for the platform Girls Inc. has given me to flourish into a better version of myself. 

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