Girls Inc. National Organization Statement on Challenges to Abortion Rights

Girls Inc. National Organization Statement on Challenges to Abortion Rights

Girls Inc. advocates for policies and practices that advance the rights and opportunities of girls and young women. We work to ensure girls have the skills, knowledge, and support to make decisions to help them lead fulfilling, safe, and healthy lives. Their bodily autonomy is critical to their dignity as human beings and their right to be safe in the world.

To that end, Girls Inc. believes everyone has the fundamental right to choose if, when, and under what circumstances to get pregnant and carry a pregnancy to term. As part of our mission to advance girls’ rights and opportunities, we support access to comprehensive sex education and safe, high-quality reproductive health care, including contraception and abortion services.

Reproductive freedom is essential for young women to take charge of key areas of their lives, including their health, education, career, and overall economic security. Anti-choice bills like the recent Texas S.B. 8 and others across the country disproportionately affect already marginalized groups in the communities we serve, including girls of color, families living in poverty, and sexual violence survivors.

Therefore Girls Inc. will continue to advocate for the rights and dignity of girls and to push back on policies and practices that seek to limit their control of their own lives.

 This statement reflects the position of the National Girls Inc. office and should not be attributed to any one of the 77 local Girls Inc. organizations (“affiliates”). Each Girls Inc. affiliate is its own 501(c)3 organization, with its own Executive and Board of Directors, and sets advocacy priorities based on the needs of their community.