JPMorgan Chase Employees Speak on Pride and Profession

JPMorgan Chase Employees Speak on Pride and Profession

Teaching Girls Inc. girls their identity will not leave the room when they enter their future careers

As Girls Inc.’s National Sponsor of Economic Literacy, JPMorgan Chase provides Girls Inc. with the support it needs to bring meaningful financial programs and experiences to tens of thousands of girls. JPMorgan Chase employees also volunteer their time to mentor Girls Inc. girls and model opportunities for fulfilling careers.

In July 2021, Girls Inc. and JPMorgan Chase hosted a panel designed to illuminate the experiences of LGBTQIA+ employees. The panel featured three JPMorgan Chase employees who spoke to an audience of Girls Inc. members at the YWCA of Minneapolis. The three panelists, Joanna Bratt, General Counsel of Digital and Payments, Melanie Jones, Executive Director, and Chris Mossiah, Vice President spoke thoughtfully and transparently about their experiences as members of the LGBTQIA+ community and why pride matters to them. They also spoke to their career trajectories, and how they found their passions that continue to motivate them everyday.

The panel kicked off with a discussion of what pride means to each panelist. All three described pride as something  more than a celebration. Chris shared that it’s a “call to action” and Joanna that “It’s learning to love who you are…and there’s a fight in that as well.”

When describing what it means to them to be a part of the LGBTQIA+ community, panelists were reflective, inclusive, and advocates. Chris shared that the LGBTQIA+ community is “ a family, they’re the people that stand alongside me in the fight as we continue to fight for others coming after us.” Mel spoke to her experience as an ally sharing that for her “that’s not just talking the talk. That’s walking the walk. It’s being authentic, it’s doing work, it’s getting involved and working for change.” And Joanna stressed that “We have as many letters in our community as you want… We’re a broad spectrum of people…We come from all different places, we look and feel all different ways.” Listen to the panel on YouTube.

Chris, Joanna, and Mel also spoke about their own career journeys, providing valuable advice and insight to Girls Inc. members. When speaking about passion and how it fuels them, the panelists all agreed that helping people is a passion of theirs. Joanna and Chris both stressed that passions change as we do — an important lesson for everyone!

Girls Inc. at the YWCA of Minneapolis members also had the opportunity to ask questions of the panelists and they were eager to learn more about these amazing people and share some of their own interests and passions. Following the session, Girls Inc. member Maitreya shared that she is starting a Gay/Straight Alliance group at her school! To learn more about this, watch this segment on Cheddar.

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