Black, Strong, Smart and Bold: Celebrating Black History Month with Girls Inc.

Black, Strong, Smart and Bold: Celebrating Black History Month with Girls Inc.

As part of Black History Month, Girls Inc. recognizes trailblazers inspiring a new generation of change agents making history in their own right.  To celebrate, Girls Inc. Brand Ambassadors, Tiffany and T’Neil, share their thoughts on what they love about being Black, strong, smart, and bold. 

One of the things Tiffany loves about being black is that Black girls like herself are so versatile, creative, and ambitious. “We express ourselves in so many unique ways, like through our hair, style, and accessories. I love seeing black girls fearlessly rocking funky hairstyles in their retro fashion. We are showstoppers! I also love watching my hair convert from rocking my box braids to fro. We are walking transformers! My hair is something I learn more and more about each day. It is beautiful to express ourselves through our hair and fashion, which has become an extensive part of black culture.”

Tiffany shares, “Just as our hair can adapt to many different hairstyles, black girls are as well very adaptive. We shine in any room we go in! Black girls are so multi-talented and multi-skilled.”

T’Neil details the love she has for her skin and color. “I loved the way my black skin twinkled in the sun, protected me from the heat, and allowed the brightest colors to shine when added to it. I love the way my hair is full of coils and has a surplus of styles that it could be placed in. I love the tight-knit community that surrounds my skin tone and the history behind it. The love I have for my skin is infinite and I am proud to say that I am a black woman. A black woman is a warrior, writer, journalist, queen, survivor, doctor, and lawyer, a never-ending list.”

“This is what I love about being a black woman, knowing we can have power and a presence anywhere we go,” says T’Neil. 

To be young, gifted and black is truly a celebration and Girls Inc. is honored to recognize the new generation of strong, smart, and bold leaders like T’Neil and Tiffany this Black History Month and all year.