Janet gains confidence and finds joy at Girls Inc.
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Janet gains confidence and finds joy at Girls Inc.

Janet joined Girls Inc. of Lynn (Massachusetts) the summer of her freshman year in high school. It could not have been a better time as Janet was facing hardships at home. Thanks to Girls Inc., and her own strength and perseverance, Janet now knows there is no obstacles too great to overcome.

Following a fatal car accident, Janet’s mother was incarcerated for seven months. In her absence, Janet’s grades began to drop and she felt unhappy constantly, knowing the person she loved most was behind bars.  Thankfully, Janet found a safe and supportive place at Girls Inc. There was no other place she wanted to be.  

“I needed an environment that gave me joy, similar to how I felt when I was with my mom, Girls Inc. was that place. I found myself surrounded by hardworking and loving faculty members that would always put my needs before theirs, just like my mom would. In no time I was feeling comforted and loved again.”

In addition to the caring staff and role models, Girls Inc. provided Janet life-changing experiences that allowed her to discover her potential and learn new things. She gained knowledge and skills to make informed decisions about her health and body, and had the opportunity to grow as a leader, gaining confidence and public speaking skills while supporting other girls as a Solution Peer Leader.

Janet is currently a senior in high school, excited about the future. She plans to attend college and study science. Top schools on her list are Duke, Johns Hopkins, and U Penn. Janet always knew she wanted a career that involved helping others. After her brother was born, she became interested in pediatrics.

Janet is just one example of the positive difference Girls Inc. makes in the lives of girls.  During this giving season, please consider how you can support girls like Janet, helping them grow up strong, smart, and bold. Learn more about giving options.

“With a setting that promotes the success of girls physically, emotionally, and socially, Girls Inc. is a place where girls can be themselves and confide in their Girls Inc. family — whether it be the friends they’ve made, role models, or facilitators and staff. Girls Inc. is a place where I will always be accepted for who I am and the story I come with.”