Alumna Spotlight: Diana Guido
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Alumna Spotlight: Diana Guido

Diana Finds Family (Both Chosen and Not) at Girls Inc.

As an elementary school student, Diana watched her sister attend Girls Inc. of Orange County every week. Her mother would make her tag along when they would pick up her sister Grace. Wondering what Girls Inc. was like, Diana was finally able to experience it for herself when she turned 11.

Girls Inc. was a family affair for Diana. She and Grace were just 16 months apart and Grace’s best friend, who they still consider a third sister, was also part of the program. All three girls grew a strong bond as they made their way through Girls Inc. The anxiety Diana experienced whenever she was in a new place quickly disappeared. She was able to find security in her sister and now a chosen family of friends and mentors at Girls Inc.

Being the younger sibling, Girls Inc. taught Diana that no matter her age, she had power in her decisions. Classes on self-esteem and how to empower one another, encouraged Diana to pursue her passions. The wonderful mentors, friends, and her own sister at Girls Inc. supported her through all her greatest accomplishments as a young woman: trying out for the volleyball and track teams, her first internship, her first day of college, and even her very first corporate job. She was the younger sister but with Girls Inc. she became a leader.

Diana, who now works in property and commercial management, is a still a part of Girls Inc. of Orange County today, over ten years later. She has presented on panels for their STEM and College Bound programming and is often present at Girls Inc. events both to attend and serve. She currently is the Vice President for the alumni group for Girls Inc. of Orange County. Diana often still reflects on the impact Girls Inc. has had on her life and is grateful for how it brought her and her sister even closer.   

“I have learned that I am strong, smart, and bold not just in the Girls Inc. world but in everything I do throughout my life.”

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