Estefania connects her passion with purpose with support from Girls Inc.
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Estefania connects her passion with purpose with support from Girls Inc.

Estefania is a 2019 Girls Inc. National Scholar from Houston, TX. She is inspired and motivated by her parents’ sacrifice, who immigrated from Mexico to the U.S. to provide their children with new opportunities. Estefania joined Girls Inc. in high school and has gained the confidence, guidance and support to connect her passion with purpose.

Growing up, Estefania watched her mom sew and discovered at a young age that she too was good at it. She loved sewing, but initially didn’t think of it as anything more than a hobby. While at Girls Inc., she participated in timely and lively discussions about issues important to her and her peers. When it was time to develop her junior/senior project, she began to learn more about underlying issues in the fashion industry, including textile waste, unfair labor practices, unsafe conditions, and degradation of resources.

Inspired by what she learned, Estefania decided to explore sustainable fashion practices and how the fashion industry can impact a community and empower women. She created a collection comprised of garments made from reused and recycled fabric to promote trade and sustainable practices.

“Girls Inc. helped me find my voice and believe that I can make a difference in the world,” she says. “I became more persistent, I became confident, and I became aware of the issues I was concerned about.”

Estefania is also grateful for the sisterhood of support she’s found at Girls Inc. She’s met and built friendships with girls who shared similar backgrounds and with whom she could be always be herself. “We’re able to open up to each other, speak our minds, and find the guidance and support to tackle whatever we might be dealing with.”

This fall, Estefania will attend Bryn Mawr College where she plans to study environmental sustainability and design. During college, she hopes to study abroad in nations that are well known for their clean practices, such as Finland or Estonia and learn how she can continue to make a difference in her community.