Eman gains the opportunities and support to become her best self
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Eman gains the opportunities and support to become her best self

Eman’s involvement with Girls Inc. began in the 8th grade through Eureka!, a five-year, intensive, STEM-based program. Since then, she has grown into a leader in her school and community, showing girls what’s possible with determination and passion. Just recently, Eman was selected as a U.S. delegate for the International Congress of Youth Voices, based on her commitment to leadership and social justice. Next month, Eman will join fellow delegates in San Juan, Puerto Rico, as they amplify their ideas and energy around social change during a weekend of learning and collaboration.  

Eman is also a Girls Inc. National Scholar, a member of the Girls Inc. Teen Advocacy Council, and this past year, was awarded the Girls Inc. of Island City Women Who Dare Award. Additionally, she is involved with Girl Up, a United Nations club that supports women all over the world, and founded the Muslim Students Association (MSA) at her high school, where she was instrumental in coordinating a Muslim Day at the Capitol field trip where studies lobbied for legislation in Sacramento. 

“Girls Inc. has allowed me to imagine myself in spaces I wouldn’t have imagined otherwise. They have helped show me the version of myself I want to be. Girls Inc. has solidified my view of myself as a leader,” said Eman. 

Teen Advocacy Council

Through her role on the Teen Advocacy Council (TAC), Eman has become a #GirlsToo champion, helping advocate for a culture where all girls are safe, respected, and valued. She has gained an awareness of how sexual harassment and violence affects young people, and has helped organize and facilitate conversations among her peers. Eman chose to join TAC to have the chance to further address gender-based imbalances in society. She recalls learning about intersectional identities and seeing people in her life affected by these imbalances. TAC has provided her the opportunity to honor and continue this learning. 

Building confidence to dream and thrive

Through her involvement with Girls Inc., Eman has gained advocacy and leadership skills, as well as increased confidence that has impacted all aspects of her life. She believes that the encouragement and motivation from Girls Inc. programming and mentors has given her what she needs to thrive. She recalls her experiences at Girls Inc. events and her mentors giving her the encouragement to approach women leaders in her community. As a result, Eman has gotten multiple internships in local and national government. She credits her experience interning with Congresswoman Barbara Lee with helping shape her dream of becoming a congressman.

Looking ahead

Thanks to the Girls Inc. National Scholarship, Eman will be attending Wellesley College in the fall with the intent of studying political science and international relations. With her interest in working in human rights law and politics, it is only fitting she will be following in the footsteps of many secretaries of state. Eman hopes to go to law school after college, and to represent and advocate for her community on a national stage.