18 Girl Quotes | Why the #GirlsToo Campaign Matters So Much

18 Girl Quotes | Why the #GirlsToo Campaign Matters So Much

Girls nationwide share their stories.

The #GirlsToo movement is about girls like YOU. Girls who are taking action to end sexual harassment and violence whenever and wherever it happens.

To better understand what you face, we asked girls to submit stories about a time when they stood up, supported a friend, or called out problematic language or behavior. We have gathered these girl quotes and stories here, from young women all over the country.

Each girl comes from a different background and faces her own unique circumstances. In her own words, each girl shares her personal point of view and answers the question of why #GirlsToo matters. Here’s what you said.

Why is #GirlsToo important to you?

“The #GirlsToo Pledge is important to me because feminism is the future and we shouldn’t be discouraged to be ourselves and express ourselves due to sexual harassment and violence, which is sadly common in school.”

Because it is “empowering young women.”

“Because I’m a proud feminist!”

Empowering girls to speak up, stick together, support each other is critical…”

Girl Quotes | Selene

“This movement is important to me because it shows that I’m not alone. That people out there care about what’s happening to so many girls today. They care about me.”

“People shouldn’t have to feel ashamed or embarrassed because someone doesn’t have the decency to respect their bodies.

Girl Quotes | Nadia

“#GirlsToo is important to me because it highlights the needs and problems of everyday girls. It also allows me to see other people who are passionate about making the world a better place for girls.”

Girls everywhere need community and love and support in everything that they do and experience.”

Girl Quotes | Stephanie

“Progress only starts when you do [something]. #GirlsToo is my way of starting.

“Because girls’ safety too often takes a backseat to ‘boys will be boys.'”

“It shows young girls like myself that we can and will do anything we put our brilliant minds to.Girl Quotes | Emily

Every girl in the world should have the right to feel safe anywhere that they go.”

“Because I want myself and others to feel safe again.”

“Because #metoo.”

Add your voice to theirs.

These quotes illustrate how committed YOU are to changing the culture we live in. We are grateful for everyone, especially young people, who are standing together and leading the way in creating a world where safe, respected, and valued is not radical but a reality.

Will you do two things today as a next step in your support of the #GirlsToo movement?

  1. Demand Congress pass GEEA! That’s the Gender Equity in Education Act (GEEA), which would give schools resources to better enforce Title IX so students stay safe from sexual harassment.
  2.  Will you take a few minutes today to tell us what the #GirlsToo movement means to you? Share your story with us now!

Girls Inc. started the #GirlsToo movement to shift the deeply entrenched norms that lead to sexual harassment and violence in our society. Stand with us and sign the #GirlsToo pledge, and if you want to know more about Girls Inc. programming, find your local affiliate now!