Together, Let’s #InvestInKids

Together, Let’s #InvestInKids

Youth programs expand opportunities and change lives

While classroom learning provides students the knowledge necessary to prepare for work and financial independence, out-of-school time youth programs equip young people to excel in life, cultivating the skills, mindsets, and relationships needed to thrive. All youth stand to benefit from these types of programs, particularly youth who face economic and social barriers that limit access to these critical supports.

What the Stats Show

Such programs can be quite pricey, though. In fact, the wealthiest 20 percent of families in the U.S. spend almost seven times more resources on private, out-of-school programs than do the poorest 20 percent. State and federal funding for youth programs close this gap, providing students academic enrichment, social and emotional learning, knowledge about healthy living, opportunities for physical activity, and interpersonal relationships – to name just a few advantages.

Every day, in communities across the U.S., girls encounter significant barriers: obstacles to their physical and socio-emotional wellbeing, inequities in educational opportunities, and the silencing and suppression of their voices. We know the value of providing girls with spaces to explore who they are, uncover and develop their talents, and set goals for the future. We strive to create safe, supportive environments where girls take risks, learn about themselves and the world around them, and gain the necessary skills to grow into strong, smart, and bold young women.  

How We Can #InvestinKids

Let us recognize and appreciate youth programs like Girls Inc. and the benefits they offer our young people. Join us in support of accessible out-of-school programs, whether by advocating at your local school board or at the statewide or even federal level. Also consider becoming a mentor to a promising young person. Together, let’s do everything we can to ensure the next generation has the education, resources, and support to seize every opportunity and solve the biggest challenges of tomorrow. 

Every adult has the opportunity to be a champion for youth in their lives and in their communities. We invite you to be one of those champions. 

The Be a Champion, #InvestInKids campaign is funded through generous support from the S.D. Bechtel, Jr. Foundation.

Participating organizations include Big Brothers Big Sisters, Boy Scouts of America, Boys & Girls Clubs of America, Camp Fire, Coaching Corps, National 4H Council, Nature Bridge, Outward Bound, Playworks, Positive Coaching Alliance, Student Conservation Association, the YMCA, and Girls Inc.