Katherine grows into a leader through involvement with the Teen Advocacy Council
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Katherine grows into a leader through involvement with the Teen Advocacy Council

Katherine is a high school freshman and has attended Girls Inc. of Tarrant County for the past three years. In this time, she has built strong relationships with mentors whose dedication to creating a better future for girls has motivated Katherine to do the same. When an opportunity came her way to support and advocate for other girls, she jumped at the chance. For the past year, Katherine has been a member of the Girls Inc. Teen Advocacy Council, where she has learned about pressing social issues facing girls and how she can make a difference.

At Girls Inc., Katherine found her voice and her passion to advocate for girls. The Girls Inc. Teen Advocacy Council (TAC) is comprised of 10 dedicated girls from across the country who meet monthly to inform the organization’s public policy efforts and to enhance their skills to advocate for themselves and others. In July, members of TAC will gather in Washington, DC, to meet with members of Congress and discuss the many issues girls face. Katherine and the TAC will also participate in necessary trainings that will help them advocate to students about preventing sexual harassment and violence.

Katherine has broken out of her shell at Girls Inc. While she still calls herself an introvert, her work with the Teen Advocacy Council has allowed her to practice public speaking about topics she truly cares about. Before joining the TAC, Katherine felt that she was participating in programming for herself. But, she says that the TAC is more for the community and less for her.

During her time on the TAC, Katherine has been able to speak to many groups about her experience at Girls Inc. and the #GirlsToo campaign. Over the past year, Katherine has presented to the Girls Inc. of Tarrant County Board of Directors, spoken before the Dallas Mavericks Foundation, and was a featured guest speaker at the Girls Inc. Champion Breakfast. Even more, she has advocated for survivors of sexual harassment and violence.

“When we educate people, topics like #GirlsToo are easier to discuss, to deal with, and to create solutions for,” says Katherine.

Katherine has become a quiet but strong leader during her time on the Teen Advocacy Council. She knows that other girls can be leaders just like her. With the support of mentors at Girls Inc., Katherine has been able to find that voice she never knew she had — and she thinks others girls can too.

She is excited about the future and already has some ideas. She is enjoying her STEM classes and would love to be a pediatrician one day. After joining the Teen Advocacy Council, she could also see herself running for public office and having the opportunity to advocate for girls and women everywhere.