Alumna Spotlight: Anya
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Alumna Spotlight: Anya

A Sisterhood of Support

As a young girl Anya dreamed of being an engineer so her parents enrolled her in Girls Inc. of Alameda County’s STEM programming when she was in 7th grade.

She was skeptical at first, unsure of the staff promoting the idea of sisterhood and friendship. Anya had always been independent and driven to achieve on her own. However, what she walked away with from the program was not what she expected: a sisterhood.

It was this sisterhood of friends and mentors that was the critical support network when she needed it most. Anya applied to nine universities and was rejected from all but one, including her dream school, U.C. Berkeley. While most would have felt a sense of loss, Anya relied on her network at Girls Inc. and her own determination. She attended the community college at Berkeley City College and eventually transferred to U.C. Berkeley as a junior and graduated in May 2017. That same spring she was accepted to Berkeley Law.

That sisterhood is still an essential part of her life. Anya keeps in regular contact with her mentors, Monique and Zakiya who ran programming and internships during her time at Girls Inc. and it was Girls Inc. of Alameda County staff member, Odette, who Anya spoke with before applying to law school. Her peers from Girls Inc. are still her friends and confidants. This sisterhood of support allowed Anya to be vulnerable, find confidence, and accept herself.

She is now in her first year of law school. This summer she will be interning at the California Attorney General’s Bureau of Children’s Justice. After she graduates, she plans on working in government, representing children in guardianship cases and she says “maybe one day you’ll see me on the bench!”

“Do not let disappointment discourage you. I was crushed when I did not get into my dream school, and I felt like giving up, but my community kept me going. Thanks to my incredible teachers, family, and friends, I regained my confidence and found another way to achieve my goal.”


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