Research shows Girls Inc. equips girls to thrive

Research shows Girls Inc. equips girls to thrive

The Girls Inc. Experience Leads to Success

From the very beginning, Girls Inc. has had a singular focus: to equip girls and young women to reach their fullest potential and become strong leaders. Across the decades, we have adapted to meet the specific barriers they face: obstacles to their physical and socio-emotional wellbeing, inequities in educational opportunities, and the silencing and suppression of their voices. We know that when girls are healthy, have the resources and opportunities to learn, and have the confidence and skills to speak out — that’s when girls succeed. 

At the heart of Girls Inc. is a comprehensive approach to whole girl development —the Girls Inc. Experience. We have long known through daily observation, as well as internal evaluation, that the Girls Inc. Experience has positive and lasting effects for the girls who participate. According to recent results of a rigorous, comparative study conducted by the American Institutes for Research from 2017-2018, third-party data demonstrate that the Girls Inc. Experience works.

Across 24 dimensions, Girls Inc. girls did significantly better than girls who had not had the Girls Inc. Experience.

Girls Inc. girls are more likely to engage in pursuits and express beliefs that lead to physical and mental wellbeing, academic achievement, and strong character and leadership (keep reading for full list of Positive Performance Measures). The findings demonstrate that girls not only thrive at Girls Inc., but they are also more likely than other girls to see themselves as leaders, with the skills and capabilities of influencing and improving their local communities. 

Informed by both the AIR study and an understanding of what is happening in girls’ lives, Girls Inc. recently released our Stronger, Smarter, Bolder: Girls Take the Lead report, which answers the question, what can we do for girls to allow them to take full advantage of their leadership potential. Click here to access the report

Recognizing girls continue to face tremendous challenges, we as a community must invest in and expand what works. Girls Inc. makes a real and lasting impact on the lives of girls. We have the outcomes to prove it. We know how to help girls overcome obstacles and thrive — and we are determined to be a part of the solution. 


Girls Inc. girls outperform peers in the following areas: 

  1. Standardized English/language arts test scores
  2. Standardized math test scores
  3. School attendance
  4. Suspensions from school
  1. Exercise regularly
  2. Play on a sports team
  3. Happy with my body
  1. Science is fun
  2. Science confidence
  3. Understand science
  4. Enjoy seeing how things are made
  5. Curious about science
  6. Want a science job
  7. Excited about science
  8. Enjoy science games
  9. Math is fun
  10. Math confidence
  11. Reading confidence 
  12. Postsecondary readiness
  13. School engagement
  1. Leadership
  2. Positive relationships with adults
  3. Stands up for fairness and beliefs
  4. Civic efficacy