Embracing Equity: Advocating for Change in New Mexico

Embracing Equity: Advocating for Change in New Mexico

Meet Lila, a lifelong member of Girls Inc. of Santa Fe having started her Girls Inc. Experience at five years old. Now a Girls Inc. volunteer, Lila continues to advocate for issues impacting girls.  

As we celebrate Women’s History Month and International Women’s Day, join us in lifting up the global #EmbraceEquity campaign as we showcase Lila and her work to embrace equity in her community. Read her story below to learn more about the amazing work she is doing: 

For the past couple of weeks, I had the opportunity to work with Girls Inc. at the state capitol building of New Mexico also known as the Roundhouse speaking with lawmakers on topics topics such as protecting reproductive and gender-affirming care, getting free period products in all schools across New Mexico, changing the voting age to allow 16 and 17-year-olds to vote in local elections, and finally making affirmative consent the standard practice to be taught in all sex education classes across New Mexico.

During this session, I had the privilege of being present on the floor of the New Mexico House of Representatives as an “expert witness,” advocating for the Affirmative Consent bill that I have supported for years. It passed the House and then moved onto the Senate side.

Affirmative consent will provide the same basic understanding and teaching to all students across the state. It is defined as an “explicit, informed, and voluntary agreement to participate.” If this passes it will create equity in all New Mexico counties and for all students.

Thank you Lila for your advocacy and leadership in advancing equity.