Girls Inc. Adopts a Network-Wide Policy & Advocacy Platform
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Girls Inc. Adopts a Network-Wide Policy & Advocacy Platform

Despite our tense and divided political climate, the Girls Inc. network is more united than ever…

We are thrilled to announce that Girls Inc. has adopted a Network-Wide Policy & Advocacy Platform. The platform, which was developed with input from all of our stakeholder groups, including girls, identifies our network’s top priorities and will guide us as we advocate to advance girls’ rights and opportunities.

We are committed to changing the attitudes and policies that affect girls’ lives and limit their potential, with a particular focus on girls who face multiple, intersectional challenges.

The Girls Inc. Network-Wide Policy & Advocacy Platform identifies the following priorities

  • Combat Bullying, Sexual Harassment, and Sexual Violence;
  • Promote Access to Education & Economic Independence;
  • Support Girls’ Mental Health; and
  • Advance Reproductive Health.

Join us in lifting up the voices of girls, whose futures depend on policy and cultural changes that are long overdue. Stay in touch and take action with us – we need your help!

Together we can ensure that many more girls grow up healthy, educated, and independent!