“I love and appreciate how Girls Inc. exposed me to entrepreneurship.”
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“I love and appreciate how Girls Inc. exposed me to entrepreneurship.”

Brittney, a Girls Inc. of Metro Denver alumna, shares how Girls Inc. sparked her entrepreneurial spirit.

What are you up to now?
When I am not traveling or getting familiar with the Washington Metro area, I am leading online group fitness classes and diabetes prevention coaching sessions as Co-Founder and Head FITness Coach of FIT & NU® – Colorado’s first FITness and NUtrition club for women of color. I am also the founder and CEO of Purpose Prep – a brand consulting and design firm. I am originally from Denver, CO but moved to Silver Spring, MD about a year ago to be closer to my boyfriend and to expand my network with plans to open a second FIT & NU in D.C.

What is your favorite Girls Inc. memory?
I love and appreciate how Girls Inc. exposed me to entrepreneurship and girl empowerment. I remember the mini baked goods store that was run by the girls (with the most delicious rice crispy treats), and the women of color guest presenters who opened our eyes to the many career possibilities. Also, I enjoyed learning how to make crafts such as lanyard keychains. This newly found skill became me and my sister’s first business together at the tender age of 7 and 11.

What would you like to tell the supporters of Girls Inc.?
Programs like Girls Inc. are necessary to foster self-sufficient, empowered young women to be bold and confident in who they are and all they have to offer. Supporters of Girls Inc. should know that representation of women and women of color in all sectors matters. Growing up in Colorado – a culturally lacking state – it is not every day that you see women who look like you being represented in roles and spaces that are known to be male and/or White dominant. Just knowing or hearing the stories of women from your hometown breaking down barriers can be life-changing.

What advice would you give to girls knowing what you know now?

  • Keep rising.
  • Dim your light for NO ONE.
  • Shine BRIGHT.
  • Take up SPACE.
  • Prioritize your HEALTH, SELF, & WEALTH.
  • Drink your WATER.
  • Keep taking what’s YOURS.
  • Do what makes you HAPPY and what sets your SOUL on FIRE.
  • Embrace all of the “FEELS”.
  • Be unapologetically YOU.
  • Give THANKS always.
  • Prioritize HEALING & FORGIVING.
  • LIVE your LIFE & leave your LEGACY…you only live once.

How did Girls Inc. help you grow as a ‘leader’ in your own life? Can you share reflections on how you may have experienced a degree of economic or social mobility in your life — and how you think Girls Inc. played a part in that for you?
Girls Inc. helped me see the possibilities of pursuing my passion as my profession and taking pride in my community, being a woman, and empowering other women. Also, it made me aware of the importance of having spaces dedicated to the growth of women and girls, and how I can be an active contributor/change agent. I am most grateful to my mother for enrolling me in Girls Inc. and similar community programs at such a young, impressionable age. These experiences fostered my community and leadership skills and are what empowered me to be bold to connect with others, to go after what I want, and to navigate life beyond the limiting beliefs of the world.