“Girls Inc. provided me with the confidence I needed to take chances and to do big things.”
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“Girls Inc. provided me with the confidence I needed to take chances and to do big things.”

Meet Tai Muldoon, the CEO and alumna of Girls Inc. of Wayne County, Richmond, Indiana. She shares her favorite memories at Girls Inc. and her reflections on how Girls Inc. changed her life for the better. 

Favorite Girls Inc. Memory

We had a room that was called the “pillow room” and we could go in and read in our free time. It was my favorite room and it was a nice escape. I also loved when we would have talent shows. Many of us had no talent, but we had an awful lot of fun! Probably the most impactful memory I have, however, was a  “Mom and Me” session, where we learned how to talk to each other about hard things. It created an opportunity for us to be open, honest, and created a foundation of trust and respect for each other. That session made a huge difference throughout my teenage years and helped me make confident and right decisions. 

Another great experience was the opportunity to be introduced to so many people from different backgrounds and cultures, which really helped shape me. The different opportunities exposed me to professionals who spoke one way, and to people from different countries who spoke another way, and all of that helped change my communication methods and patterns. It made me more open to listening to others’ stories and being willing to share my own story.

Girls Inc. provided me with the confidence I needed to take chances and to do big things. I do not believe I would have a Master’s Degree or the title of CEO (and of a great mother!) without the support I got at Girls Inc. Having people who championed for me and supported me led me to have a more successful life. 

Advice to girls, knowing what I know now

Be confident in your decisions and do not compromise on your values. 

Girls Inc. showed me that there were women in my corner who would be champions for me for life. They showed me that I could do anything, be anything, go anywhere I wanted. I also learned that a leader doesn’t have to have a title or make any major waves in the world. Just being kind and supporting others in your world can make you an impactful leader. 

To the supporters of Girls Inc. 

There is truly something special about girls (or those who identify as girls) getting to be in a safe space where they can discuss their struggles and celebrate their triumphs. The girls, and myself included, created lifelong friendships and connections that change a girl’s life. The girls could be there for one day or throughout K-12 and I can guarantee an impact was made on that girl. Having a safe space for girls to explore the world and embrace who they are is so magical. Every dollar is truly invested in changing the world for girls. You are investing in the new generation of strong, smart, and bold leaders.