Girls Inc. Helped Angel to Discover her Passion for STEM
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Girls Inc. Helped Angel to Discover her Passion for STEM

After her parents divorced, Angel was moved around in the foster care system and longed for a stable home. She found herself unable to cope and became increasingly shy and withdrawn. The instability led to a lack of confidence in Angel and an inability to recognize her self-worth.

When Angel first came to Girls Inc., she sat in the corner against the wall and didn’t speak to anyone. Her mentor began to join her in the corner, taking the time to get to know her and slowly introducing her to the other girls. Angel started to experience something that she never had before – she felt that she belonged.  

The Girls Inc. safe, all-girl environment allowed Angel to break out of her shell and also uncover an interest in STEM. She had the chance to participate in hands-on learning activities like making a volcano erupt and performing simulated surgery on the human body.

Girls Inc. also sparked Angel’s interest in women’s history. She learned about the accomplishments and sacrifices made by women in the past and the injustices women still face today. Angel now identifies as a feminist, and knows she is just as smart and capable as a man.

Angel shares, “Girls only environments are more supportive and encouraging and help build girls up. They help girls see their worth and how they can succeed in life, not only as a girl and woman, but as a person in her community – a valuable person within society as a whole. I know, because it has made me feel this way!”

I enrolled in AP Computer Science and Physics classes, to name a few, and made straight As. I became president of the robotics club at my high school. I was a member of National Honor Society, National Spanish Honor Society, National Beta Club, and Key Club. And now I have earned a $20,000 National Scholarship from Girls Inc., allowing me to pursue my dream of going to college.


Today, she is a freshman at the University of Louisville. Thanks to AP classes in Computer Science and Physics, she is technically already a sophomore. She was admitted into the Speed School of Engineering which means she will earn a master’s in both Electrical and Computer Engineering in five years.  She is just one of many girls who, with the support of caring staff and horizon-expanding opportunities, was able to develop the skills and confidence needed to pursue her goals.