Girls Inc. Gratitude

Girls Inc. Gratitude

At Girls Inc., we’re proud of the work we do every day for the girls who need us most and grateful for those who help us achieve positive, lasting change in their lives. From our generous investors to the staff who work day in and day out with girls, there is no doubt that all our partners are a critical part of the Girls Inc. Experience. Thanking these supporters is what Girls Inc. Gratitude is all about!

Celebrating Milestones

Together, we have much to be grateful for: our first two cohorts of growth grantees have grown collectively by 47% in the past two years. We celebrate their progress and continue to invest in affiliates committed to growing the number of girls who will benefit from Girls Inc.

In 2018, inspired by the girls in our network, Girls Inc. launched the #GirlsToo: Respect Starts Young national advocacy campaign to highlight the ways sexual harassment and violence affects girls from a young age, and focus on how it can be prevented. #GirlsToo just celebrated its one-year anniversary. We are proud to share that throughout this first year, girls stepped forward as upstanders and helped elevate the voices of youth on the issue. Thanks to the support of so many, 30,000 people pledged online to do their part to create a culture where girls and all young people grow up safe, respected, and valued.

Every November

These accomplishments and this progress for girls would not be possible without your support of Girls Inc. That’s why every November, we celebrate remarkable gratitude for those who believe as we do: that every girl deserves to grow up strong, smart and bold no matter what. Through Girls Inc. Gratitude, we highlight our incredible friends and their dedication to the best future possible for every girl.

Join us and follow along as we give thanks to our network of supporters across our various social media platforms!