Annual Report 2016

A few summers ago, my family received a letter. As I read it, my heart began to race, the paper slipped out of my hand and fell to the floor. It was an eviction notice.

Why was this happening to me? I was angry with my father who I blamed for abandoning us. My mom did the best she could as a single parent, but as the oldest child I basically had to raise my younger sister. Too early in my life, I knew more about being a mother than a sister.

I was struggling to keep sane as the world around me was crumbling down. I thought the only way to deal with my problems was to cause physical harm to myself – from cutting to throwing up my food. This wasn’t a movie. This was my reality.

Thankfully, Girls Inc. and my mentor, Ms. Millie, were there to help me overcome these challenges.

Girls Inc. became a place where I could discuss the shame I was carrying without worrying about being judged. I learned how to deal with adversity and that it was okay to not be okay sometimes. I was encouraged to set high expectations and never compromise my values. Girls Inc. helped me believe I could accomplish anything I set my mind to. I learned to value education and hard work. As a result, I was named Mentee of the Year and President of the National Honor Society at my high school.

Today, I am proud to be the first person in my family to graduate high school and attend college. This fall, I will be a freshman at Wesleyan University where I plan to double major in English and Neuroscience or Chemistry.

My name is Gisselle. I am just one of the tens of thousands of girls who through Girls Inc. has found the support to push past obstacles, discover her strengths, and develop the skills to make her dreams a reality.

I can confidently say, I AM strong, smart, and bold.

With You In Her Corner,
She Will Succeed.


President and CEO
Board Chair 2012-2016
Incoming Board Chair
Board of Directors

President and CEO


Every day, in communities across the U.S. and Canada, girls encounter significant obstacles to their well-being and success. To meet these challenges, Girls Inc. is both expanding our after-school services to reach more girls and advocating to improve the conditions for all girls to succeed.

I am pleased to report that 2016 marks the completion of our network-wide strategic plan and the start of our new plan. Thanks to you – our supporters, partners, and friends – Girls Inc. has increased both the number of girls served and the revenue raised to support our work.

Over the past five years, Girls Inc. grew the number of girls served through our comprehensive Girls Inc. Experience by 30 percent. More girls were provided the resources and support to boldly face challenges, increase their love of learning, and set and achieve their goals. What an achievement! Girls Inc. also grew network revenue by 18 percent, from $67.9 million in 2011 to $80.3 million in 2015.

During this time, we built a strong platform to achieve outcomes for girls and measure our impact. We defined our unique approach to serving girls, including core essential services in three areas: healthy living, academic enrichment and support, and life skills instruction. We developed our theory of change, implemented a participant tracking system, and began administering outcomes surveys. 

Girls Inc. is now prepared to build on these accomplishments and leverage our network and brand to accelerate growth over the next five years, and set the organization on an unprecedented path beyond 2020.

We have a Bold Goal for the future: 

To become the leading advocate in advancing rights and opportunities for all girls and employ a proven, dynamic model to empower 250,000 girls from low-income communities to discover their strengths and thrive.

Girls Inc. Strategic Plan 2016-2020 focuses on doubling the number of girls served with impact. This requires that we build growing and sustainable local Girls Inc. organizations, rooted in a well-articulated business model. This model will inform how we determine needs and direct resources and financial investments to expand the Girls Inc. network.

We will also leverage the collective voices of Girls Inc. girls to be a leading advocate for all girls. While we will focus intensely on serving the girls who need us the most, we will also build a policy and advocacy infrastructure to ultimately break down barriers and create more opportunities for all girls to succeed.

To jump start growth and build network capacity, we have launched a $20 million capital campaign. With 100 percent participation by our Board of Directors, we know the time is right to begin this significant undertaking.

The plans we’ve outlined are ambitious. But the need is great.

With your continued support and generous investment in Girls Inc., I am confident we will achieve our goals. Together, we will help more girls reach their full potential and dramatically reduce troubling barriers to their success.

We’re grateful to have you on board at such a critical time.

Judy Vredenburgh
President & CEO

Board Chair 2012-2016


Dear friends,

As I end my tenure as Girls Inc. National Board Chair, I am grateful to have served an organization that devotes all its energy to being champions for girls, everywhere, every day, girl by girl.

This moment is bittersweet as I have absolutely loved being involved with Girls Inc. In my 17-year tenure on the board, I have seen Girls Inc. grow with true impact, providing girls with lasting, mentoring relationships, bringing life-changing programs and experiences to more girls, and building its long-term financial capability.

I’ve had the chance to work with an outstanding group of leaders on our Board of Directors and national team. Their dedication to building the most innovative and effective organization possible is unparalleled. Thank you to these individuals for believing deeply in the potential and promise of every girl.

Over the years, people have asked what has kept me going. Without question it is the girls. It has been their stories of adversity and achievement, knowing that the programs and the incredible professionals working with girls every day are helping them uncover their strengths, build upon those strengths, and take hold of their futures.

I leave the board confident in the leadership and bold vision of our new Girls Inc. Board Chair and former Vice-Chair, Melanie Gray, in partnership with our CEO, Judy Vredenburgh. The strides we’ve made together have positioned the organization to serve more girls in a profound and transformative way. Girls Inc. has my continued support and commitment at this time of serious expansion.

I’m pleased to have had a part in setting the ambitious network-wide Bold Goal and the new Strategic Plan 2016-2020. I know Girls Inc. is ready to move to the next stage of organizational impact, so that many, many more girls will have the opportunity to grow up strong, smart, and bold.

Thank you for partnering with us to make this a reality.

With heartfelt gratitude,

Ellen Stafford-Sigg
Board Chair 2012-2016

Incoming Board Chair

Melanie Gray, Girls Inc. Board Chair


How did you first get involved with Girls Inc.?


I began volunteering at Girls Inc. of Greater Houston -- the affiliate in my local community -- helping them raise money for one of their first major luncheons. Shortly thereafter I was invited to join the board and eventually became board chair. Through this experience, I came to understand the truly unique way in which Girls Inc. meets the needs of girls: the research-based programming, the positive, safe, girls-only environment, and the relationships that girls have with the professionals who work with Girls Inc. When I was asked to join the national board eight years ago, I was delighted to have the opportunity to make an impact on a national level.


Why are you such a passionate supporter of the Girls Inc. mission to inspire all girls to be strong, smart, and bold?


Girls and women represent 50 percent of the population. Given the many issues we face as a country, to not have this segment completely engaged in both becoming productive citizens and contributing to the solutions we need is just tragic. I want to do everything I can to make certain that as many girls as possible are prepared to become their best selves and help make the world a better place.


As the new Board Chair, what do you see as the most critical role Girls Inc. plays in ensuring girls thrive?


Girls Inc. is dedicated to providing girls with programs and experiences that support every aspect of their lives -- financial literacy, media literacy, counteracting negative stereotypes, healthy living, increasing their love of learning, preparing for college, and going on to have thriving careers. We don’t just deal with one aspect of a girl’s development. We deal with the whole girl -- her health, education, and well-being -- helping her envision and unleash everything she wants to become.


As Girls Inc. begins its new strategic plan, what must the organization do to ensure long-term success?


We have to expand and invest in our leadership teams both locally and nationally. It’s about growing the boards, expanding our investor base, developing our staff, and further strengthening the network of 82 affiliates through learning and sharing best practices. We must also harness the passion of our volunteer philanthropists and earn their trust and respect.

At the same time, we must complete our assessment work, which will further allow us to track the impact of our programs and demonstrate to our constituents the measurable difference we’re making in the lives of girls.


What are you most excited to accomplish in your new role?


I’m hopeful that I can inspire and lead the dedicated national board, national staff, and all of our affiliates to work collaboratively to meet the goals we’ve put forth in our new strategic plan. Every individual within the Girls Inc. network lives the passion, vision, and mission of Girls Inc. every day. Our people are our very best asset. I can’t think of anything that would make me feel more proud, humbled, and gratified than helping guide this wonderful organization to the next level of impact and engagement.


What is your message for donors and supporters?


First, watch us! We’re on the move and you’re going to be incredibly impressed and excited about where we’re headed. Second, now is the time to invest in Girls Inc. Through this strategic plan, we will be able to leverage investments -- whether made locally or nationally -- in a way that will have an exponential impact. And third, thank you. By virtue of the tremendous support you’ve already given, we are well on our way to expanding and deepening our impact.


What does the future hold for Girls Inc.?


Knowing the impact of Girls Inc. research-based programming, there’s almost a moral imperative that we grow both geographically and in the number of girls served so that more girls have the opportunity to grow up healthy, educated, and independent.

It is going to require a lot of work but we have come together as a network, stronger than ever before, to play a key role in increasing opportunities and dramatically reducing barriers for all girls. From my perspective, the future is beyond exciting with regard to the transformation of Girls Inc. at the national level, the affiliate level, and across the network.

Board of Directors

First Lady Michelle Obama
Honorary Board Chair
First Lady of the United States

Susie A. Buffett
Lifetime Champion for Girls
Chairman of the Sherwood Foundation

Melanie Gray
Winston & Strawn LLP

Ellen Stafford-Sigg*
Former Chair
Deloitte Consulting LLP

Tony Bucci
Vice Chair
Chairman & CEO

Lori Dickerson Fouché
President of Prudential Annuities
Prudential Financial

Julie Overbeck
Remington Seeds LLC

Judy Vredenburgh
President & CEO
Girls Inc.

Ambassador Nicole Avant
Former U.S. Ambassador to The Bahamas

Jill Bright
Chief Administrative Officer
Condé Nast

Kathy Buckman Gibson*
Region IV Volunteer Representative
President & COO
Buckman International

Rebecca Campbell
ABC Owned Television Stations & ABC Daytime

Joyce Chang*
Managing Director & Global
Head of Fixed Income Research
J.P. Morgan 

Susan Chapman-Hughes
Senior VP, US Account Development
Global Corporate Payments-Americas
American Express Company

Taj Clayton
Fish & Richardson, P.C.

Amy Dillon
Region I Professional Representative
President & CEO
Girls Inc. of Shelbyville & Shelby County

Saniah M. Johnson
Region III Volunteer Representative
Vice President
Strategic Analysis
Delaware Investments

Peige Katz
CEO & Co-Founder
Bexchange LLC

Bea Lurie
Region IV Professional Representative
President & CEO
Girls Inc. of Chattanooga

Regina Montoya
Attorney and Non-Profit Board Member

Sue Napper
Region IV Volunteer Representative

Kristin A. Pace
Donahue Fitzgerald LLP

Lori Palmer
Region II Professional Representative
President & CEO
Girls Inc. of Metropolitan Dallas

Suzanne Parker
Region III Professional Representative
Executive Director
Girls Inc. of Holyoke  

Deborah P. Rubin, Psy. D.*
Senior Partner
RHR International LLP

Cheryl Saban, Ph.D.*
Founder & CEO
The Cheryl Saban Self-Worth Foundation for Women & Girls

Kim M. Sharan
Founder & CEO
Kim M. Sharan, LLC

Lucy Sorrentini*
Founder & CEO
Impact Consulting, LLC

Sonya H. Soutus
Senior Vice President, Public Affairs and Communications

Mary Wagner, Ph.D.*
Senior Vice President
Research & Development/Quality & Regulatory/Concept Innovation
Starbucks Coffee Company

Maureen C. Waters*
Point B Inc.

Julie Greiner Weiser
Former Chief Merchandise Planning Officer
Macy's Inc.

Roberta Wilhelm*
Region I Professional Representative
Executive Director
Girls Inc. of Omaha

*Completed term in March 31, 2016

Our Year

Our Year


Malala encourages Girls Inc. girls to use their voice for change

Youngest Nobel Peace Prize winner,  Malala Yousafzai, spoke at the Girls Inc. of Omaha luncheon inspiring girls with her story of courage and perseverance. After her remarks, Malala took part in a couch conversation from the stage with three lucky Girls Inc. girls.

Girls Inc. joins thousands at White House’s historic United State of Women Summit

Judy Vredenburgh and Girls Inc. girls Shantia and Zaa’Raa spoke at the United State of Women Summit about what it takes for girls to thrive, joined by more than 30 Girls Inc. girls and staff from affiliates across the country. Memorable moments included meeting Oprah Winfrey and hearing from notable speakers including President Barack Obama, First Lady Michelle Obama, Vice President Joe Biden, and Warren Buffett.

Advocating for STEM and healthy relationships education

Girls Inc. worked to strengthen the updated Elementary and Secondary Education Act, signed into law December 2015, which allows for federal dollars to fund K-12 education on healthy relationships and increased STEM opportunities for all students — and encouraged Congress to appropriate sufficient funds toward these priorities.

Girls Inc. hosts national conversation on women and girls in media and retail

Watch the video featuring Emmy Award-winning Journalist Shaun Robinson, Actress and Hollywood Today Co-Host Garcelle Beauvais, Benefit Cosmetics Global Brand Authority Maggie Ford Danielson, and Facebook Director of Global Marketing Stephanie Latham as they discuss portrayals of women and breaking down stereotypes and barriers.

Girls Inc. partners with "Let Girls Learn" to champion girls education

In partnership with the White House and Glamour’s The Girl Project, more than 100 Girls Inc. girls took part in a global conversation on the power of an educated girl, featuring an inspiring panel including First Lady Michelle Obama, actress and activist Charlize Theron, and former Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard. Click here to watch the powerful panel.

Helping make juvenile justice more just

In support of juvenile justice reform, Girls Inc. pushed Congress to pass a bill that would create a more trauma-informed intake system for girls entering the juvenile justice system and transition states to providing girls who run away from abuse with the proper support to heal and go back to school instead of incarcerating them.

Girls Inc. attends Fortune’s Most Powerful Women Summit

Thirty-two Girls Inc. girls participated in a speed mentoring session with some of the world’s top women leaders, and were guests at a private dinner during which First Lady Michelle Obama acknowledged the girls' commitment to education and encouraged them to be advocates on behalf of all girls throughout the world.

Girls Inc. inspires girls to have a strong voice in democracy with She Votes

Recruiting women into leadership—as with science and sports—must start with girls. In 2016, as part of our nonpartisan She Votes program, Girls Inc. girls are researching candidates, holding mock debates, meeting elected officials, visiting polling places, and even registering voters – and this fall, they will participate in a Girls Inc. national mock election. She Votes capitalizes on girls’ sense of possibility, helping them become savvy voters, engaged citizens, and potential future candidates.

In the news

In the news

Getting More Girls Into the Game

"It is very important for women to see women that look like them and to have women in their corner to encourage them and keep them going."




W.K. Kellogg Foundation

Julie Overbeck

Benefit Cosmetics

Lori Fouché

Lockheed Martin

Christina Davis

W.K. Kellogg Foundation

Girls Inc. and the W.K. Kellogg Foundation entered the fifth year of a partnership to develop literacy programming (in which formal and informal educators collaborate) to increase the reading proficiency of girls. Through close partnerships with schools, the program helps girls read at grade level by grade three, positioning them for future academic success.

Julie Overbeck

Julie Overbeck has been a longtime generous investor and now serves on our Board Executive Committee as Secretary, leading Girls Inc. into the future. In addition, she heads up our Investment Subcommittee of the Board bringing her financial expertise and savvy to ensure our financial health. Julie believes deeply in the future of Girls Inc. and is excited that her investment in our organization will support bringing the transformational Girls Inc. Experience to more girls who need it most. Julie (right) with Board Members Bea Lurie and Lori Fouché.  

Benefit Cosmetics

Girls Inc. is honored to continue our partnership with Benefit Cosmetics and their Bold is Beautiful Project. Partner organizations including Girls Inc. receive 100% of the proceeds from brow wax services at Benefit’s participating BrowBar locations during the month of May. Their investment of time, talent, and treasure provides more girls with an encouraging and educational environment, where they aim high and achieve their goals. We are grateful to have a partner who is committed to helping girls overcome the challenges they face so they can grow up strong, smart, and bold.

Lori Fouché

Girls Inc. is proud to be rated among the top charities worthy of investment by leading watchdog agencies like Charity Navigator and GuideStar. Lori Fouché, President of Annuities for Prudential Financial, is Treasurer of Girls Inc. and has seen the organization grow stronger and stronger financially over the past few years. 88% of our resources go directly to programming, and, with six months of cash on hand – well above industry standard – we are poised for continued stability.

Lockheed Martin

"Lockheed Martin has helped Girls Inc. greatly enhance our STEM programming by developing solid connections to STEM mentors. As a result, girls have gained self-assurance in their abilities in math and science. We look forward to more girls having the opportunity to benefit from the role models, mentoring relationships, and transformative experiences that this wonderful relationship has provided.” -Judy Vredenburgh, Girls Inc. President and CEO

Christina Davis

Christina has been instrumental in elevating our presence in Los Angeles — as a Celebration Luncheon Honoree, Chair, and Host Committee member. Christina continues to be one of our biggest champions as an inaugural Board member for our Girls Inc. of Greater Los Angeles affiliate. Her commitment to providing all girls the opportunities they deserve is inspiring.



Individuals, Estates, and Trusts


Barbara Meem
Gena Reed
Sue & Ralph Stern
Lucile Miller Wright Trust


Cookie Boudreaux
Saniah Johnson
Susan & Jeff Jones
Frederick Masters
Heather McGrath
Janet & Mike Michels
Donna Brace Ogilvie *


Julia Argyros
Ambassador Nicole Avant & Ted Sarandos
Susan Buck
William T. & Amy J. Conway Fund at the Cleveland Foundation
Kate & Warren Coopersmith
Robin Faerber
Fry Family Foundation
Kathy Buckman Gibson
Melanie Gray
Liberty Ranch
The Isabelle Makepeace Trust
Heather McGrath
Julie Overbeck
Al & Minna Scharf Fund, Santa Fe Community Foundation
Ellen Stafford-Sigg
Karen Rogers Still
Nancy Youngman


Jennifer Altman & Jason Fein
Linda & Earle Altman
Robin Klehr Avia
Baldridge Foundation
Jane Ballback
Paula Bennett
Diana Blank
Tony Bucci
Caroline B. Burnett
Joyce Chang & David Robbins
Kim & James Cornetet
Tim Cotz & Ken Moffett
Sherry Delaney Deke
Priscilla Doulton
Michael L. Dweck
Edward John Noble Foundation for Jordan & David Smith Fund
Karen & Alton Fessel
Lori Dickerson Fouché
Renee Fraser, Ph.D.
Johanna Gustafsson & Christopher Pinckney
Jason Hecklar
Dena Herrin
C. Richard & Joann Hinckley
Roberta Hutton
Leslie Juron & Jay Price
Peige & Stuart Katz
Gay Lane
Sherry Lansing
Sarah & Alan Losinger
Suzanna & Paul Makkos
Rae & Kirk Malcolm
Lee & Rose McNeely
Regina Montoya
Martha Murphy
Pam & Andy Policano
Joyce M. Roché
Margaret Rubinacci
Nick & Judy Runnebohm
Suna Said-Maslin
William S. Shanahan
Kim M. Sharan
Linda & Ken Slavin
Elizabeth Steele
Lisa Tung & Spencer Glendon
Judy Vredenburgh
Elizabeth M. Weldon
Susanne & Carl Wise
Nancy Wong
Sheri Yadav


Joan Affleck
Beth Andersen & Kevin Pereau
Shannon Armstrong
Alice Hilseweck Ball
Margery & Charles Barancik
Phil & Michelle Batton
Jeff Beaty
The Tom Berutti Family
Migdalia, Danielle, & Brandon Bonilla
Tracy Katsky Boomer
Donna & Jon Boscia
Brian & Christine Brammer
Deborah D. Bridges
Jill Bright
Buckman Family Fund
Carole & Daniel Burack
Rebecca Campbell
Claudia Cardillo
Joan Carter
Lucy Chan
Brady & Ashley Claxton
Lisa Claycomb
Coby Cohen & Miriam Jaffee
Jennifer & John Compton
Seth & Katie Cunningham
M. Gordon Daniels
Christina Davis
John DePrez & Lee Marks
Jennifer Dinnen
Gianna Drake-Kerrison
Susan Dweck
Ardith Eicher
Joy Fernandez
Dan Fogelman
Kathleen France
Barbara Franqui
Heather Gaughan
Nathan & Amy Gebhard
Ellen Feldberg Gordon
Chrisna Govin
Carolyn Gray
Marie Gray
Phillip & Nancy Haehl
Kim Harr
Melva Herrin
Cindy & Alan Horn
Beverly Jackson
Mildred John
Nikita Kahn
Jody Kamrowski & Dean Maki
Stu Kaplan
Jeff & Susan Kent
Noel Kolak
Chris & Michele Kramer
Joan Bluestone Landorf
Deborah Slaner Larkin
Ben & Alena Lauritsen
Carol & Noel Leary
Cherie Leetzow
Susan Lewis
Nance & Ramon Jose Lopez
Lily Lynton & Michael Ryan
Marci Maietta-Weinberg
Tamar Manoukian
Robyn Menzel
Susan J. Merritt
Kris Michaelis & Kenny Goldstein
Doreen Downs Miller
Linda & Keith Monda
Holly Morgan
Elizabeth & Mark Nye
Yvette Ostolaza & Peter B. Dewer
Turid Owren
Tony & Jo Paap
Mary & Norm Pattiz
Christa Pickel
Adrianne Pierce & Laura Goodwin
Jason & Jodi Pike
Katherine Pope
Gelila & Wolfgang Puck
Dr. Debra J. Richardson
Laurie Ringlien
Janet Levy Rivkin
Deborah Rodriguez
Michelle Rohé
Nadine & Fred Rosen
Jane & Dan Roulier
Angelina Rouse
Mike Runnebohm
Jim Saler
Sue & Jim Schell
Nancy Schwanfelder
Marcia & Dave Scott
Lynne A. Segall
Erin Selleck
Jean Senninger
Nancy Sheffner
Isabelle B. Silverman
Courtney Sims
Judith Sjoberg
Courtney & Dan Snyder
Kay Stepp
Arwen & Nicholas Stewart-Oaten
Ken Stoler
Dana Sullivan
Josephine Templeton
Sylvia Thompson
Brian & Pam Tuohey
Christine Uri
Bruce Van Cleave
Trish Walsh
The Bill Walsingham Family
Maureen Waters
Sherry & Dan Watts
Julie Greiner Weiser & Michael Weiser
Luke & Mary Pat Williams
Eric & Connie Wisman
Marilyn Wolper
Sharon Wynde

As a supporter of Girls Inc. locally in Omaha, NE and nationally, Susie Buffett has been involved with our organization for decades. A lifetime advocate for girls’ rights and opportunities, and for youth growing up in difficult circumstances, her impact is tremendous and lasting, her imprint indelible. To honor her legacy, the Girls Inc. Board has named her the Girls Inc. Lifetime Champion for Girls.

Girls Inc. Champions for Girls are the philanthropic backbone of the organization, dedicated to inspiring girls to be strong, smart, and bold. This network of women and men are part of a community of advocates for Girls Inc. who are engaged locally and nationally to create long-lasting positive change. Simply put, our Girls Inc. Champions for Girls help ensure that more girls have the opportunities to develop their special strengths, break past barriers, achieve their full potential, and help others, as they were helped, along the way.



Jane Aaron
Kelly Abercrombie & Todd Kerber
Al & Marsha Abeson
David & Cindy Adams
Pamela M. Adams
Mary Sue Allen
Kay Althoff
Nancy O. Altobello
Barbara Anderson
Heidi Anderson & Paul Brannan
Kris Anderson
Todd Anderson
Kathie Andrade
John W. Andrews
Anonymous (2)
Linda Arkin
Rosanna Arquette
Keri Ataumbi
Ryan Attard-Reilly
James & Peyton Auerbach
Julie Auerbach
Marianne Auld
Brandy Austin
Dixie & E. Vose Babcock
Zahir Babvani
Sara Badler
Jennifer Baer
Martha Baker
Mr. & Mrs. James Balaschak
Louis Barber *
Nadine Barbera
Tommye Barie
Sheila Barry-Oliver
Judy Bartlett
Eileen Bartley
Beverly & Robert Bartner
Bartolucci Family Fund
Jason Bass
Jeff & Leslie Bate
Brian Battaglia
Dell Bauslaugh
Betty Jean Bavar
Christine Baxter
Michele Bayley
Lance & Darla Beaty
Melissa Beaummont
Katrine Beck
Carol Beckwith
Dorie Guess Behrstock
Rachel Berg
Dorothea A. Bernbach
Ann & Dan Bernstein
Julia Blaut
Gay Block
Mary & David Block
Charlotte Bluestone
Elspeth Bobbs
Christopher Boino & Megan Donovan
Summer Born
Becky Bouchard & David Cahillane
Julie Bowen
Juelle-Ann Boyer
Brenda & J. Stuart Brand
Jonathan Brandt
Ruth & Louis Brause
Susan Brennan
Cambria Briggs
Jacqueline Brock
Elaine Brown
Barbara Rothenstein Budasoff
Martha Burk & Ralph Estes
Sharon & Vince Burkhardt
Francis X. Burnes III
Carroll Burney
Katharine Butler
Jill Button
Helen B. Cahn
Mark Campbell
Loretta V. Cangialosi
Lisa Cannelora
Andrea Carlise
Angie Carmignani
Dawne Carn
Lauren Casazza
Ashley Casey
Christine Cassel & Michael McCally
Carmella Cassetta
Christy Castillo-Butcher
Craig Cegielski
Veena Chahl
Karen Champman
Susan Chapman-Hughes
Jacqueline Charron & Edward Werencki
Suzanne Chase
Athena Chiera
Judith Christian
Kim Ciesinski
Brittany Clark
Ryan & Jenni Claxton
Catherine Coakley
John & Debbie Coffin
Aimee & Chris Cogan
Barbara & Bob Cohen
Diana Cohen & William Falik
Susan Cohen
Gunnel L. Cole
Marion Cole
Jan J. Collett
Barbara Collins
Bill & Cathy Collins
Victoria Collins
Lorraine Conaway
James Conlan
Isabelle Conti
Anne Cook
Lauren Zimmerman Cook
Robert A. Cook
Caroline Corbin
Cherie Cremer
Lisa Cribari
Maureen Graham Cross
Jane Crosthwaite
Elaine Crouse
Kim Cummings
Eileen Curd
Angie Davies
Betsy Davis
Jane Davis
Kim Davis
Sam Dawson
Catherine Dean-Gooderham
Kathie DeChirico
Nancy M. Dedman
Rachael Dedman
Clarissa J. DeJesus
Marjorie Deline
Lisa Desamours
Billie Determan
Jodi & Michael Detjen
Drs. Andrew & Amanda Dick
Nancy Dickenson
Anthony & Jennifer Diiulio
Heath & Amy Dillon
Jane H. Dillon
Linh Doan-Vo
Dianne Doherty
Lisa J. Donahue
Kathleen Dore
Stacey & Kenny Doré
Rebecca Douglas
Pat Driscoll
Janet Dryden
Margaret Duffy
Robert J. Duffy & Betty Liles
Carla Du Manoir
Carol S. Duncan
Susan & Cam Duncan
Ashley Dunklebarger
Eddie & Connie Dunklebarger
Joshua & Erica Dunklebarger
Donald Earhart
Diana Echevarria & Tom Ryan
David Elderkin
Michael Elkin
Robert Elliott
Luzanne Engh
Dawn & Mitchell Epstein
Mr. & Mrs. James Ericson
Buddy Espinosa
Cheryl Fair
Samie Falvey
Pat & Walter Farr
Michelle Faulkner
Sydney & Ray Feeney
Marjorie Feldman
Linda Felts
Lynda Boone Fetter
Beverly Fisher
David Florian
Hillary Fogelson
Patricia M. Fontaine
Angela L. Fontana
Jennifer Fox
Kathy Francoletti
Leslie Smith Frank & James Frank
Sylvia Franson
Lauren & John Fredette
Jan Fritsen
Ed & Michela Fuller
Mary Gallagher
Joan Galvin
Loraine F. Gardner
Freddie Gatewood
Mareva Georges
Joan & Robert Geyer
Leslie Gibson & Edward Maluf
Rick & Angela Gill
Ramon Gilsanz
Peggy Gionta
Charles & Amy Gleason
James Glenn
Phil & Thomasina Glynn
Miles Goacher
Eskedar Ferede Gobeze
Jonathan Goldblatt
Sean Goodrich
Erica Goodwin
Judi Gordon
Karol Gottfredson
Nancy Goudy
Theresia Gouw
Amy L. Gowder
Dorian Gregory & Nini Melvin
Kent & Ruth Griffiths
Denise Guidici
Helen Guiltinan
Cynthia Gutierrez
Chef Jamie Gwen
Cornelia Haag-Molkenteller
Anitra Hadley
Matt & Jenni Haehl
Lisa Haines
Kathy Halpin-Robbins & Alan Robbins
Dr. Barbara Hamkalo
Stacy & Ben Hanan
Tammy Lee Hanlon
Anna Harbison
Bernadette Harrigan & Doreen Catterson
Nancy Hart
Marcie Hartley
John & Karen Hartnett
Deborah Hazell
Gloria Hazen
Tom & Jane Hazen
Bridgette Heller
Toni Hendrix
Evelyn Heyward
John Hindman
Tami Hoag
Caron & Jack Hobin
Becky B. Hoffman
Kate & John Hoffman
Christine Converse Hogan
Mirabai Holland & Sebastian Marino
Kathryn Hollister
Irene Horkott
Jack Horner
Erin Hornyak
Diane Hoskins
David G. Houck
Dusty & Mary Lou Hoyt
Mary Ann & Jody Hoyt
Donald Hudson
Bernice Humphrey
Thomas Hunter
Michael Hurney
Phillip & Judi Huston
Fiona Hutton
Graham Hutton
Pat Hwang
Montieth Illingworth
Vicki Iovine
Ghada Irani
Lori Ireland
Clareleen Ivany
Molly & David Jackson
Scharrell Jackson
Margaret & Jim Janis
Diane Jenkins
Roberta R. Jenkins
Kelly Jimenez
Victor Jin
Pauline Joerger
Gene & Angie Jones
Lynn Jones
Stacey Jones
Saj-Nicole A. Joni
Purdy Jordan
Nancy Josephson
Kate Kane
Caryl & Roy Kaplan
Patrick Kappenman
Tiia Kari-McLaughlin & George McLaughlin
Pepita Katz
Sandra Katz
Lisa Kautz
Jackie & George Keady
Stacey K. Keare & John C. Hodge
Kelsey Keith
Emma Gilbey Keller
Annette Kelley & Jeff Scattergood
Jim & Peggy Kent
Wanda Kile & Michael Batte
Grace Killelea
Chris & Laura King
Eli Klehr
Susan & Leonard Klehr
Muriel Klosterman
Carolyn Knight
Beth Knopik
Steven Koenig
Elaine Kofman
Janet Koike
Elizabeth Ariel Koons
Michelle Koontz
Joyce Koppel
Dian Korman
Lisa Kountoupes
Muriel Kowlessar
Rae M. Krelitz
Tina Kremenezky & Robert Smith
Dennis Kuhl
Laura Ladner
Dr. David & Debbie Laitinen
Craig & Kristin Laker
Joseph & Tracy LaMarca
Elayne & Matthew Landau
Barbara Levy Landes
Carolyn & Randy Lantz
Amy Larrison
Joe & Xandra Laskowski
David & Lori Law
Valerie Leatherwood
Renee Leblanc
Rose LeCount
Esther S. Lee
Marietta Lee
Renate Keyes Lee
Harold Leopold
India & Bruce Lesser
Bartram & Joan Levenson
Rick Levy
Jean Lien
Jennifer Limas
Shelley Litvack
Tamara Lloyd
Karen Loeb
Hollis Logan
Christopher Looney
Judith Luengas
JD Lux
Cate Luzio
Bill & Cindy Lyons
Lori Lyons-Williams
Shawn Lytle
Jean Macgregor
Susan & David Macrae
Marjorie Ellis Manning
Kay Krochman Marks & Tony Marks
Ellen Marshall
Maria Martinez
Georgia Maryol
Kay Mathers & Rob Roy
Sheba & Teddy Matheu
Julie & Ernest Mattison
Ellen Maw
Karen Maxfield
W. Corby May
Debbie McAuliffe
Elizabeth McCann
Patricia McClendon
Steve & Peggy McCracken
Candice McElyea
Amy McGarr
Rita McGee
Sandra McGlothlin
Pamela & Robert McInerney
Katherine McKean
Jean A. McLaren
Dennis McLean
Patricia McTeague
MaryAnn Means-Dufrene
Stella Mercado
Nooshin Meshkaty
Alan Miller
Anne Miller
Misdee Miller
Randy & Nicole Miller
Sue Miller
Betty Millican
Carolyn & Tom Minton
Catherine Mirenda
Jessie Mishkin
Mark Louis Moehlman
Beth Moise
Rick & Carie Monroe
Magali Montes
Elizabeth Moore
Amy Moran
Pamela Morris
Ellen Morrison
Jenna Mosich
Marian Moss
Mark Mulholland
Sharon Mullarkey
Mr. & Mrs. Harold Munter
Meagan Murphy
Francis & Marie Murray
Pam Muzzy
Dana Myers
Robert & Joanna Myers
Mary Myerson
Sue Naegle
Robyn Newhouse
Martha May Newsom
Kirsten Nicklaus
Nikki Nilon *
Paul & Nancy Nolting
Kasia Novak
Susan M. O'Brien, M.D.
Debra O'Connell
Mary O'Connor
Sue Odom
Rachel O'Keefe
Susan O’Keefe
Carla Oleska
Sybil Orr
Cheryl Osborn
Kristin A. Pace
Anand Pallegar
Anne Paradis
Penelope Parmes
Rebecca J. Parsons
Gary & Kelsey Patterson
Sally G. Paynter
Peete Family
Geri Pell
Patricia Penske
Danica Bujic Perez
Bob & Roberta Perry
Sally Phipps
Sheila Pies
Todd & Betsy Plymate
Susan First Pollack, Esquire
Melissa J. Pollard
Sharon Popinski
Philippa Portnoy
Jennifer & G.L. Potts
Susan Powell
Sharon Prizant
Imogen Pryce
Alice J. Puente
Andrea Puente
Victoria Puente
William Puller
Jennifer Purdon & Michael Templeton
Kelly Quigley
Jennifer Ramsey
Jill Ramsey
Stanley Rand
Amy Rasor
Alice Rau
Rob Reddy
Jimmye Reeves
Laura Reich & Debra Zabinski
Penny Reid
Kerry Reilly
Deborah Rennels
Sherry & Herb Rettinger
Cecile Richard
Mark Ridley-Thomas
Brady & April Rife
Esther J. Robbins
Florence Roberts
Carmen Rodriguez
Deborah Rodriguez
Diane S. Rogers
Babette Rosabal
Marianne Round
Deborah P. Rubin, Ph.D.
Randy Rubin
Ellen Rudley
Richard Rutledge
Terri & Bruce Saba
Birdie Sadberry
Cynthia Sadler
Vickie Ann Salazar
Linda Salisbury
Lynn D. Salo
Mary F. Sammons
Dinora Sanchez
Lucy Santana-Ornelas
Patricia Sarlo *
Megan Satchell
Stephanie Savage
William Schaff
Karen & Dean Scheid
Gregg Schenker
Deborah Schiff
Ina Schnell
Eva Schocken
Kathryn Schoen
Gene & Kathi Schofield
Pamela Scholl
George Schreiber
Linda Schulein
Amita K. Schultes
Schulz Fund
Michael Schur
John & Janie Schuster
Allison Silver Schwartz
Josh Schwartz
Annarita Scott
Mary Ellen Scott
Sheila Scullock
Tanya Sears
Michael Seitzman
Cecily C. Selby, Ph.D.
Michelle & Keith Senglaub
David M. Shaw
Daniel & Tessa Shelton
Deborah Shelton
Kim Shepherd
Caren Shiozaki
Susan Shoval
Anna & Donald Sibley
Tammy Sibley
Erin Siemens
Lana Sills
Scott Silveri
Ben Silverman
Klara & Larry Silverstein
Julia & Jeff Simet
Betsy Simons
Lynne Sinclair-Townsend
Alka Singh
Emily Sitzberger
Marilyn Slater
Alan & Olivia Slutzky
Judy Slutzky
Dr. & Mrs. Daniel Small
Barbara Smith
Harriet Smith
Jacquelyn M. Smith
Jan Smith
Nina-Michelle & Winthrop H. Smith III
Norman & Sue Smith
Marcia Sohl
Ann Solberg
Mandana Soleimani
Sarah Solis
Barbara Somma
Sonya Soutus
Mary Ann & Richard Spencer
Tara I. Stacom
Kelly Stapleton
Lynn Starr
Joan Steiger
Sarah Stepahin
Mike & Wendy Stephenson
Vicki Steppe
Ivy Stern & Jeff Zilka
Anne Stewart & Diane Del Rosso
Bob & Judy Stolmeier
Kristin Stueber
Jude & Paula Sturman
Catherine Sullivan
Marlene Sweda
Anna Symington
Alison Taggart & Lawrence Barone
Cathy B. Tamraz
Jeff Tapper
Shirley Ellen Taylor
E. Katerina Teper
Nancy Boxley Tepper
Lei & Frank Testa
Shirley Thomas
Camilla F. Thomason
Connie Thompkins
Deb Thompson
Sarah Timberman & Carl Beverly
William & Tammy Trudeau
Lynne & Ken Tsuda
Cody Turco
Mike & Andrea Turner
Cathy & Scott Ullery
Nancy Urbschat
Mrs. & Mrs. Christian Urciuoli
Maggie Urciuoli * & Arthur Urciuoli
Virginia Valenote
Susan Valentic
Valarie Van Cleave
Sara Van Dusen
Jim VanDusen
Shari Vanloo
Maria Vargas
Mario Vargas
Benita Vassallo
Jacqueline Vazquez
Melinda Veatch
Veronica Vela
Gordon VeneKlasen
Jillyn Verdon
Carlela K. Vogel
Mary Vogel
Xenia Vorotova
Cynthia Vredenburgh & David Krichavsky
Laura Vukovich
Trev Wade
Chips Wahlen
Valaree Wahler
Jean Wallace
Eric & Lori Wallien
Dr. Dan & Sue Wolfe Walters
Pei Pei Wang
Sandy Ward
Janice L. Warne
Karen Watson
Kelly Weeks
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Clancy Collins White
Monica M. White, Ph.D.
Teresa White
Vanna White
Linda White-Peters
Nancy G. Whitney
Dana Whyte
Paula Wieshoff
Jen Coker Wiggins
Barbara M. Williams
Susan Willig
Danielle Wilson
Julie H. Wilson
David & Ann Windley
Michael Wissemann
Valda Witt
Wohl Family Fund
Kathy Wolfe
Patricia Wunderlin
Richard Xia
Nanar Yoseloff
Beverly Zembrosky
Karen Ziccardi
Irene E. Ziebarth, Esq.

* Deceased

Corporation, Foundation, Government Donors

($1,000,000 and above)

The Sherwood Foundation


American Express Foundation
S.D. Bechtel, Jr. Foundation
Benefit Cosmetics
The Cheryl Saban Self-Worth Foundation for Women & Girls and the Saban Family Foundation
The Coca-Cola Foundation
ESPN, Inc.
Fidelity Investments
The Gap, Inc.
Global Brands Group
Google, Inc.
JPMorgan Chase & Co.
Lilly Endowment
Lockheed Martin
National Grid
Noyce Foundation
Pearl by Georgina Chapman
Starbucks Coffee Company
Unilever United States, Inc.
The UPS Foundation
Voya Foundation®
The Oprah Winfrey Leadership Academy Foundation
W.K. Kellogg Foundation


Capital One Foundation
Coca-Cola North America
Macy's and Bloomingdale's


Allianz Foundation for North America
Ameriprise Financial
Benevity Community Impact Fund
Community Foundation of Greater Memphis
The Girl Project of Glamour
PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP
RBC Foundation USA
Sidley Austin LLP
Wasserman Foundation


The Herbert Allen Foundation
American Express Company
The Bank of America Charitable Foundation
Ronald W. Burkle Foundation
The Chernin Family Foundation
The Coca-Cola Company
Comcast Corporation
Condé Nast
Discovery Communications and Science Channel
Disney | ABC Television Group
Douglas C. Lane & Associates
Endemol Shine North America / 51 Minds
Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund
FremantleMedia North America
The Girls' Lounge
Goldman Sachs Gives
The Goode Family Charitable Foundation
Greater Houston Community Foundation
Henegan Construction Co., Inc.
Jerry Bruckheimer Television
Doug and Gay Lane Charitable Foundation
Jane A. Lehman and Alan G. Lehman Foundation
Marc & Friends Charitable Trust Marc Advertising Endowment
Mars Foundation
The Merck Foundation
Miller Blaker, Inc.
NBC Entertainment
News Corp
Pershing LLC
PNC Institutional Asset Management
Schwab Charitable Fund
Secret Hideout
United Way of LA
Univision Communications Inc.
The Walt Disney Company Foundation
The Wasily Family Foundation
WSP | Parsons Brinckerhoff


A+E Television Networks
Bank of America
Bento Box Entertainment
Bloomsburg Carpet
Boston Scientific
California Community Foundation
Charlotte Russe
Combined Federal Campaign
Creative Artists Agency
Cushman & Wakefield
Draper James LLC
Energy Future Holdings
Fake Empire
Fidelity Brokerage Services LLC
Fox Audience Strategy
Fox Television Group
The Gotham Group
Goya Foods
Haworth, Inc.
The Hollywood Reporter & Billboard
The Horn Foundation
Icon Interiors and Lane Office
The Jackal Group
The Jewish Community Foundation of Los Angeles
Lesbians for Good of Horizons Foundation
Loeb & Loeb LLP
Magical Elves
The Mark Gordon Company
Katie McGrath & J.J. Abrams Family Foundation
McKinsey & Company, Inc.
McKuin Frankel Whitehead LLP
National Association of Professional Women Foundation, Inc.
Nature’s Bounty Optimal Solutions
OWN: Oprah Winfrey Network
The Ralph M. Parsons Foundation
Prometheus Global Media
Prudential Financial
Races for Awareness, LLC
Robert Derector Associates
Joseph Rosen Foundation Inc.
Harry & Florence Sloan Foundation
South Texas Money Management, Ltd.
Structure Tone
Syska Hennessy Group, Inc.
TisBest Philanthropy
Tom Lynch Company
Tone It Up LLC
Turner Construction | Turner Interiors
Union Bank
United Talent Agency
University of Southern California
VISA U.S.A., Inc.
Warner Bros. Television
The Weinstein Company


2004 Carita Foundation
Akil Productions
Amblin Television
American Express Company Employee Giving Program
Ariel Investments
Berlanti Productions
Beverly Camhe Productions
BNY Mellon Asset Servicing Securities Lending
Brillstein Entertainment Partners
Capella University
Carnegie Fabrics
Charity Partners Foundation
Chavez for Charity
Chubb/Willis Insurance Services
The Alisann and Terry Collins Foundation
Comcast NBCUniversal
Eileen Fisher Inc.
Elevate My Brand
Emerson Charitable Trust
Ernst & Young Foundation
Fashion Project
GE Foundation
The Gersh Agency
Girls Rights Project
GlobalGiving Foundation
Goldman Sachs Philanthropy Fund
Grant Tani Barash & Altman, LLC
HDLC Architectural Lighting Design
IBM Employee Services Center
Impact Consulting, LLC
JMJ Family Fund
JRM Construction Management, LLC
J.T. Magen & Company Inc.
just keep livin foundation
Katz, Sapper & Miller
LaPolt Law, P.C.
The Leibowitz and Greenway Family Charitable Foundation
Lighthearted Entertainment Inc.
Amy & Frank Linde Family Foundation Inc.
The Los Angeles Fund for Public Education
Marriott Marquis New York
Mattie Music Group
Milliken & Co.
Milrose Consultants, Inc.
The Milton Meyer, Jr. and Mildred B. Meyer Foundation
Mufson Family Foundation
The National Bank of Indianapolis
Network For Good
Win & Christie Neuger Family Foundation
The New York Community Trust
Newmat Northeast Corp.
nFocus Solutions
Northern Trust Bank
O, The Oprah Magazine
Abby & George O'Neill Trust
ONE @@ TIME Pro Bono Project Consulting
Philadelphia Eagles
Pinkonomics Inc
Point B
RF | Binder
The Grace Jones Richardson Trust
The Rothman Brecher Agency
Saban Brands
Shanahan Family Foundation, Inc.
State Street Global Markets
The Swisher Family Foundation
T. Rowe Price Program for Charitable Giving
Ted Childs, LLC
Textron Inc.
The TJX Foundation
Tupperware Brands Corporation
Union Pacific Foundation
United Way of Tucson & Southern Arizona
Venable LLP
The Vermont Community Foundation
Vornado/Charles E. Smith
WB Wood
Wolfgang Puck Fine Dining, Worldwide Catering
Women in Cable Telecommunications
Zisson Foundation, Inc.

Girls Inc. Gratefully Acknowledges

Gifts in Honor of:

Lucy Aaron
Robin Klehr Avia
Leslie A. Blodgett
Linwood Boomer
Saralyn Bracksmith
Christina Davis
Leela Ittycheria
Peige Katz
Gay Lane
Isabel Emily Robbins
Cheryl Saban
Lynne Segall
Saralyn Smith and J Allen Brack
Ellen Stafford-Sigg

Gifts in Memory of:

Alice Hepburn
Sondra Modell Hirsch
Albert Nemez
Donna Brace Ogilvie

In-Kind Donations

Alexis Bittar LLC
Bright Ideas in Broad Ripple
Women’s Health

Our thanks to networks and publications who donated airtime and ad pages for our Public Service Announcements.

Matching Gift Organizations

American Express Company Employee Giving Program
American Express Foundation
Amgen Foundation
The Boston Consulting Group
Business Wire
Combined Federal Campaign
The Dyson Kissner Moran Corporation
GE Foundation
Microsoft Matching Gifts Program
Okaloose-Walton Counties Combined Federal Campaign
Pfizer Foundation Matching Gift Program
Textron Inc.
Tupperware Brands Corporation
U.S. Bank Foundation
VISA U.S.A., Inc.
The Walt Disney

Photo credit

Duffy Marie Arnoult
Alex Berliner
Christine DiPasquale
Alan Pearlman

Donna Brace Ogilvie

Donna Brace Ogilvie

“Donna Brace Ogilvie, Girls Inc. Distinguished Board Chair, was a devoted philanthropist dedicating her time and resources for the betterment of others. Her extraordinary philanthropy and strategic counsel to Girls Inc. and girls began more than sixty years ago, engaging locally at first, and eventually becoming Chair of the National Board of Directors. Donna helped grow the number of Girls Inc. organizations and she also generously contributed locally in Sarasota, where she spent her winters. We remember Donna with deep appreciation and celebrate her remarkable 105 years of life. She leaves behind a legacy of love and she will be sorely missed for her humor, wisdom, and perspective about what really counts.”

- Judy Vredenburgh,
  Girls Inc. President & CEO



Statement of activities

Twelve months ended
march 31, 2016

Balance Sheet

Twelve months ended
march 31, 2016

Fuel Her Fire

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