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Inspiring all girls to be strong, smart, and bold

Girls Inc.: Inspiring all girls to be strong, smart and bold.

It's good to be a girl in this world today. I like being a girl because I can speak for myself. I can stand up for myself. Being a girl makes me strong.

Girls Inc. 2015 National Scholars

Arianna Lopez, Girls Inc. of Carpinteria 
At Girls Inc., Arianna found her voice through drama and the performing arts and she gained leadership skills that she used to mount a campaign to make her city smoke-free. Combining these skills, Arianna led her classmates in shooting and editing a PSA aimed at getting the attention of local lawmakers who she worked with to make Carpinteria a cleaner city. 
Imani Malone, Girls Inc. of Huntsville 
At Girls Inc., Imani was guided through the college admissions process and was mentored every step of the way. She learned how to budget for big expenses like college tuitions and she was also inspired to pursue her dream of working as an engineer. Imani plans to study chemical engineering at Auburn University. 
Valeria Meza, Girls Inc. of Orange County 
At Girls Inc., Valeria’s eyes were opened to career possibilities she didn’t know existed, which introduced her to public speaking, computer skills, and management training. Through the Girls Inc. STEM programs, Valerie became a volunteer at a cancer research center in her community, which inspired her to study biology at UCLA. 
Jillian Nixon, Girls Inc. of Sarasota
Through Girls Inc., Jillian learned how to budget, save money, and the building blocks of entrepreneurship. Jillian also mentored younger girls around high school experiences and how to prepare for college. By being a volunteer, Jillian's interest in pursuing a medical profession was sparked. She plans to attend the University of South Florida and become a nurse anesthetist. 
Arelly Ocampo, Girls Inc. of Orange County
At Girls Inc., Arelly came out of her shell and became outgoing and independent. She also was exposed to physical fitness and healthy living habits that introduced her to basketball. The confidence she gained from being more outgoing helped Arelly counsel girls who came from violent and abusive circumstances. 

Jade Tayo Ogunmayin, Girls Inc. of Alameda County 
Girls Inc. turned Jade on to exploring different career paths, including ones that encompassed her love of science and environmental issues. Through Girls Inc., Jade saw how she can build a career from what she thought were hobbies and interests. Now, she is planning to pursue environmental engineering with the goal of designing household appliances that are safe for the environment.

Nikole Pena, Girls Inc. of San Antonio
As an ambassador for Girls Inc., of San Antonio, Nikole has helped her community like partnering with the San Antonio Spurs At Girls Inc., she led STEM festivals and Women’s Day conferences, which also inspired her to create free community libraries for the public. Nikole plans to study communications at the University of Texas at Austin.  
Jasmine Pulliam, Girls Inc. of Chattanooga 
At Girls Inc., Jasmine was exposed to experiences that sparked her interest to pursue a career in medicine, and music. Feeling more empowered, Jasmine continued with Tae Kwon Do and is now a first-degree black belt. Jasmine plans to study biology at the University of Tennessee at Knoxville and dreams to one day play in an orchestra.
Sophia Qureshi, Girls Inc. of New York City
Girls Inc. exposed Sophia to experiences like step dancing and public speaking. After moving to the U.S. from India and joining Girls Inc., Sophia learned about  entrepreneurship and how businesses can help transform communities. Through the Girls Inc. debate club, Sophia became confident with speaking English and she learned how to express her opinions effectively.
Yaritza Sandoval, Girls Inc. of Orange County 
Participating in Girls Inc. programs like Body IMAGE-ination, Yaritza gained a deeper sense of self-worth. Coming from an abusive background, she learned how to empower herself, be more assertive and how to stand up for herself. Yaritza plans to continue to fight for others by studying political science at California State University, San Marcos and becoming a lawyer.
Diamond Stitts, Girls Inc. of West Contra Costa County 
Diamond discovered her passion for working with girls at Girls Inc. and, after meeting successful women who came from single-family households, she saw how a college degree would allow her to mirror their success. Inspired by these women and driven to help neglected youth, Diamond plans to study social work at California State University in Los Angeles. 
Alexis Torres, Girls Inc. of Tarrant County
As a Girls Inc. girl, Alexis found comfort and strength in being part of a strong group of girls. Her confidence soared and with the help of the Girls Inc. staff, she benefited from the all-girl supportive environment that allowed her to express herself freely. Alexis began to mentor younger girls and today she is a trusted leader at her Girls Inc. affiliate.  
Jennifer Vazquez, Girls Inc. of Alameda County 
At Girls Inc., Jennifer challenged herself with new experiences such as playing on sports teams, taking self-defense classes and learning how to swim. As the first in her family to go to college, Jennifer was guided through the college application process by Girls Inc. mentors and has plans to study sociology. 
Kelsey Wigmore, Girls Inc. of Omaha
Kelsey gained critical life skills like time and money management at Girls Inc. Here, she seized opportunities to visit multiple college campuses and heard powerful women speak about how they overcame adversity. Kelsey plans to study neonatal intensive care at the University of Omaha and become a nurse.  
Chloe Willis, Girls Inc. of Tarrant County 
Chloe was a proud member of the Girls Inc. Student Leadership club. She has become a community activist who leads service projects such as clothing and food drives for families in need. Her work has made a lasting and positive impact in the lives of others. Chloe credits Girls Inc. with instilling in her a desire to positively impact her community through action.
Danielle White, Girls Inc. of Lynn
Danielle discovered a love of science and technology by participating in Girls Inc. Eureka!. Being surrounded by encouraging, successful women at Girls Inc., Danielle learned about careers in STEM fields that she did not know existed such as mechanical engineering. Danielle plans to take her Eureka! training and study aerospace engineering at Boston University.