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Inspiring all girls to be strong, smart, and bold

Girls Inc.: Inspiring all girls to be strong, smart and bold.

It's good to be a girl in this world today. I like being a girl because I can speak for myself. I can stand up for myself. Being a girl makes me strong.

Girls Inc. 2013 National Scholars

Girls Inc. is proud to award scholarships to 57 strong, smart, and bold Girls Inc. girls and alumnae, ranging from $5,000 to $20,000. The Scholars Program was created when Lucile Miller Wright, a long-time Girls Inc. supporter and a pioneer aviator, made a bequest from her estate to fund scholarships exclusively for young women. In 2013, Girls Inc. was honored to offer additional scholarships to Girls Inc. girls in the name of The Pearl Fund, established by fashion designer Georgina Chapman and jcpenney.

Since 1993, Girls Inc. has awarded over $3.3 million in scholarships to hundreds of high school girls. Multiple scholarships are awarded each year and may be applied to tuition and expenses at any accredited 2 or 4-year college or university. This is a private scholarship, open only to young women who are in the 11th or 12th grade and who are members of a Girls Inc. affiliate.

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Melissa Aguirre , Girls Inc. of Tarrant County
Through her participation in Girls Inc. community-based leadership programs, Melissa gained leadership experiences by planning community service projects and participating in speaking engagements. Melissa improved her self-confidence and she learned to love her physical self.

Helen Aracena , Girls Inc. of New York City
Girls Inc. was a safe haven for Helen after enduring years of bullying. She learned about effective decision-making, and the importance of not letting others steal her power and her voice. The mentoring relationships that Helen developed at Girls Inc. helped her become a successful, positive, and confident young woman.

Eseosa Asiruwa , Girls Inc. of Lynn
From her involvement with Girls Inc, Eseosa has met extraordinary people that have helped her grow into a strong, smart, and bold young woman. As a Teen Health Ambassador, she educated teens in her community about adolescent pregnancy and safe sex. Originally shy and reserved, Girls Inc. helped Eseosa regain her confidence and led her to discover her passion for community leadership.

Diana Avila , Girls Inc. of Orange County
Diana began attending Girls Inc. in middle school and quickly developed a connection to her peers and the staff mentors. As Diana developed a passion for STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math), she also began to trust others more easily, and she developed her leadership skills. At Girls Inc., Diana set goals for her future and she received the tools she needed to achieve them.

Makayla Bell , Girls Inc. of Omaha
As a Girls Inc. veteran of over ten years, Makayla has grown with the organization and she's been inspired, particularly by her involvement with business developement programs. Through Girls Inc., Makayla connected with successful business women, strengthened her leadership skills, and learned how to save money.

Jourdann Borski , Girls Inc. of Greater Indianapolis
Over her 11 years at Girls Inc., Jourdann learned how to be mentally and physically strong, how to view the media, and how to find her voice. Jourdann's career goal of becoming an interior designer was inspired by her participation in a Girls Inc. program that taught her how to design an architectural blueprint of a home.

Rema Bryce , Girls Inc. of New York City
At Girls Inc., Rema found a support system to help her deal with a traumatic incident experienced during her first year of high school. She benefited from the caring staff and she gained new self-confidence and leadership skills. Girls Inc. mentoring and career exploration activities exposed Rema to college life, different majors, and potential careers.

Brisma Corona , Girls Inc. of Orange County
After learning about healthy relationships through Girls Inc., Brisma applied the lessons that she learned to mend a strained relationship with her mother. At Girls Inc., Brisma also learned about the necessary preparations for getting into college and pursuing her higher education.

Zoe Cummings , Girls Inc. of Jackson County
For 12 years, Zoe has been a Girls Inc. girl and over the years she's been exposed to several new skills and interests. Through Girls Inc., she has realized the power of being a good role model to younger girls and the drive to pursue her passion.

Tara Curry , Girls Inc. of Meriden
Tara began her involvement with Girls Inc. as a shy six-year-old, but it didn't take long for her to grow into a dynamic young woman eager to learn and excited to lead. Tara credits Girls Inc. for providing her with the qualities of confidence, leadership, and readiness.

Zeiry De Lara , Girls Inc. of Tarrant County
After being bullied, Zeiry was hesitant to make new friends. At Girls Inc., where she was supported by the girls-only environment, her self-confidence improved and Zeiry discovered her talent for problem solving: a skill she applied to academics and helping others stay focused and on track to achieve their goals.

Alicia Duke , Girls Inc. of Dothan
Discrimination was a common occurrence for Alicia because of her bi-racial ethnicity, but she found comfort and acceptance at Girls Inc. where she was encouraged to be different. As a leader among her peers, Alicia was motivated to teach other girls about the importance of instilling in themselves a strong sense of confidence and poise.

Kathleen Fitzgerald , Girls Inc. of Holyoke
Through Girls Inc., Katie gained confidence in both her mental abilities and her physical appearance. As an ING Investment Challange participant, she learned about the stock market, how to invest wisely, and how to prepare for a financially secure future. Now Katie is prepared for the next chapter in her life: college.

Luna Flores , Girls Inc. of Alameda County
Participating in EUREKA!, a Girls Inc. program that encourages girls to explore career paths in STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math), helped Luna learn about college preparation, problem solving, and leadership. Through a paid internship, she not only gained hands-on experience that supported her goal of becoming a professional photographer, but it also taught her to speak up, ask questions and share her ideas and opinions.

Carolin Frias , Girls Inc. of Lynn
The girls-only Girls Inc. environment fostered self-awareness and reinforced the belief that women are just as talented and essential to society as men. Through the Girls Inc. leadership programs, Carolin led other teens in her community to educate their peers about the dangers of tobacco, alcohol, and drug abuse.

Kayla Futrell , Girls Inc. of Columbus & Phenix Russell
At Girls Inc., Kayla became a masterful swimmer and competitive jump-roper, and she also gained important social skills such as etiquette, leadership, and respect for others. Kayla's self-confidence soared through activities that reinforced her talents and abilities and today she is unafraid, willing to try new activities, and reach new goals.

Kaitlin Harvey , Girls Inc. of the Central Coast
As a peer mentor, Kaitlyn takes her responsibilities seriously. She helps other girls explore subjects like education, careers, and health. Kaitlin's confidence in her future is credited to her experiences at Girls Inc. and to seeing her peers succeed. Her goal is to be the first in her family to complete college and to inspire her younger siblings to pursue their education.

Keisha Hayfron , Girls Inc. of Alameda County
Girls Inc. has instilled many important life-skills in Keisha. Starting with swim lessons, Keisha later took what she learned and taught her siblings critical life-saving practices. As a student, Keisha gained excellent study habits and pushed herself to pursue academics, which inspired her to explore a career as a family lawyer.

Gabrielle Holt , Girls Inc. of Sarasota County
Since the age of nine, Gabrielle grew up and matured with Girls Inc. She eagerly took every opportunity to experience new activities and lessons in the supportive, all-girl environment. Today, public speaking and self-confidence are among her greatest outcomes, and she looks confidently toward her future, knowing that Girls Inc. helped shape who she is from a young age.

Messeret Kedebe , Girls Inc. of Lynn
Girls Inc. exposed Messeret to learning opportunities she never thought existed. By attending workshops featuring successful women in math and science industries, Messeret was motivated to pursue her own career in engineering. Girls Inc. empowered her to shatter stereotypes put forth by the media and society and to not give up on her dreams.

Kyjeila Latimer , Girls Inc. of Metropolitan Dallas
As a young teen, Kyjeila began to focus on her passion and through Operation SMART, she discovered a keen understanding and love of science and math: a skill she later used to help other girls grasp difficult topics as a Girls Inc. tutor.

Shantia McCarthur , Girls Inc. of New York City
Shantia faced many challenges as a young girl and teenager growing up in New York City. The support she received from the Girls Inc. mentoring staff showed Shantia that she could have a positive future full of promise. Shantia's goal is to be the first in her family to complete college and she also wants to inspire her younger siblings to pursue their dreams.

Alana Moore , Girls Inc. of Chattanooga
As a high school student nothing scared Alana more than giving presentations to her peers. Participation in Girls Inc. leadership and educational programs helped Alana develop into a confident, strong public speaker who now thoroughly enjoys sharing her knowledge, skills, and opinions to help educate others regardless of the audience size.

Jessica Neri , Girls Inc. of Orange County
Jessica grew up in a strict household that limited her emotionally, socially and put strains on her ability to pursue her dreams. The all-girl environment at Girls Inc. allowed her to express her feelings, share her goals, and it opened her eyes to the realization that she has the right to make decisions impacting her present and future life.

Treasure Pascal , Girls Inc. of Omaha
At Girls Inc., Treasure benefited from field trips to cities, exposure to cultural activities such as theatrical performances, and leadership development through peer education. After the opportunity to meet First Lady Michelle Obama, Treasure was inspired to become involved in her school and community.

Kayla Perdomo , Girls Inc. of New York City
Struggling from stress and pressure at home, Kayla was hospitalized and treated for anxiety and depression at a very young age. The support she received at Girls Inc. helped Kayla see joy in life and the nurturing environment that Girls Inc. provided her inspired Kayla to pursue her goal of becoming a psychiatrist so she, too, can help others in need.

Yaa Poku , Girls Inc. of Worcester
Yaa's involvement with Girls Inc. progressed from participant to volunteer to staff member. Learning from the leadership roles that she earned along the way, Yaa gained skills such as time management, conflict management, and effective communication; all which helped shape her goal of becoming a pediatrician.

Selena Ponce , Girls Inc. of Tarrant County
Growing up in a traditional Hispanic household, Selena was expected to follow in her family's traditional roles. At Girls Inc., the mentoring and supportive staff helped her set goals and find her voice. Selena used the lessons she learned to help her family realize that everyone has the right to pursue their own paths and career.

Victoria Price , Girls Inc. of Kingsport
At Girls Inc. Victoria discovered new skills and was inspired to apply them in her extra-curricular activities, sports, and academics. She also learned to resist gender stereotypes and how to become a strong, smart, and bold role model for younger girls.

Guadalupe Pulido , Girls Inc. of Orange County
Guadalupe faced harsh criticism about her weight from her family and she endured unhealthy relationships with a former boyfriend for years. At Girls Inc. she learned about what it means to be beautiful, and supportive relationships. Guadalupe gained the confidence to combat hurtful comments and she found the courage to break the cycle of abuse.

Ashley Ramnaraine , Girls Inc. of Durham
The combination of girl-centered, motivating, and interactive activities at Girls Inc. impacted Ashley and exposed her to new areas of interest. Ashley's role as a volunteer working with yournger girls has also allowed her to improve her self-esteem and develop leadership skills as a role model to others.

Tabetha Rose , Girls Inc. at the YWCA of Greater Cincinnati
The mentoring staff and all-girl environment at Girls Inc. provided Tabetha with a safe place to address her struggles with family, body image issues and past abusive relationships. Through group activities, Tabetha's self-esteem improved and she gained the confidence to share her story in hopes of helping others.

Joi Stevens , Girls Inc. of San Antonio
The opportunities Joi experienced through Girls Inc. have inspired her to continually strive to reach higher, and help others. Her service, dedication, and enthusiasm have contributed to her receiving the Presidential Volunteer Service Gold Award as well as her role as a Teen Advisor for the United Nations Foundation Girl Up Campaign.

Mercedeez Strong-Dowdell , Girls Inc. of Columbus & Phenix-Russell
Mercedeez needed someone to believe in and help foster her academic achievements. She found that at Girls Inc. as well as the confidence to pursue her passion for sciences. A winner of several science fairs, her self-esteem soared and she discovered the power of sisterhood through the friendships she made at Girls Inc.

Keyssi Villeda , Girls Inc. of Bay County
Overcoming a challenging home life, Keyssi found her opportunity to shine at Girls Inc. The exposure to new experiences and lessons helped her develop into a strong, confident teen volunteer who faces challenges head-on.

Angelica Villegas , Girls Inc. of the Central Coast
As a Girls Inc. girl, Angelica learned about topics such as building healthy relationships, job interviews, careers, public speaking, and leadership. As a teen facilitator, Angelica shared her knowledge with her Girls Inc. peers and inspired herself to fulfill her dream of being the first in her family to complete high school and graduate from college.

Zhomontee Watson , Girls Inc. of Omaha
At a young age, Zhomantee faced serious issues such as poverty, and witnessing substance abuse in her family. Girls Inc. provided her with a safe and welcoming environment where Zhomantee quickly found support. Her life-long commitment to Girls Inc. has resulted in her developing strong self-confidence and a motivation to help others.

Jade Williams , Girls Inc. of Greater Indianapolis
Jade began her Girls Inc. participation at an eight-week summer program a little skeptical, but soon after she realized that the organization, activities, staff, and fellow Girls Inc. girls would become a key part of her life. Jade continued her involvement as a volunteer counselor and later joined the Speakers Bureau where she honed her public speaking skills and boosted her self-confidence.

Caitlyn Willis , Girls Inc. of Santa Fe
Girls Inc. provided a safe place for Caitlyn to express herself with confidence. Growing up with a young, single mother, the mentoring relationships that Caitlyn developed at Girls Inc. provided the additional support and guidance she needed to grow and become a smart, dynamic teen.

Sharon Yu , Girls Inc. of Alameda County
Growing up with strict, conservative parents, the Girls Inc. girl-only environment provided welcoming peers and informative staff members that allowed Sharon to comfortably ask questions and explore new interests. Lessons in financial management, communication, and public speaking also helped Sharon become strong and confident.