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Inspiring all girls to be strong, smart, and bold

Girls Inc.: Inspiring all girls to be strong, smart and bold.

It's good to be a girl in this world today. I like being a girl because I can speak for myself. I can stand up for myself. Being a girl makes me strong.

2015 Girls Inc. Alumnae Scholars

Andria Azevedo
​Girls Inc. of Orange County
Santa Ana Community College
"I have been told time after time that I am too small to become an officer and work in the field, but Girls Inc. has been that consistent support that encourages me to push forward and not let others discourage me from my goals."
Anne Jilliane Barcelona
Girls Inc. of Island City
University of California, Berkeley
"Girls Inc. has strengthened my perspective about life: I've realized that, as a woman today, my actions can lead to positive change." 
Anne Julliene Barcelona
Girls Inc. of Island City
University of California, Berkeley
"My participation [in Girls Inc.] has really empowered me as a woman and motivated me to continue to work hard and break boundaries."
Alize Boatright
Girls Inc. of Fort Smith
Harding University
"I had the privilege of being raised by strong, smart, bold mentors at Girls Inc. who were instrumental in teaching me how to be a model citizen and role model for other girls."
Jourdann Borski
Girls Inc. of Greater Indianapolis
Syracuse University
"Every experience I have had with Girls Inc. from age six to now has had a profound effect on me and helped me to become the strong, smart and bold woman that I am today."
DiAnna Brice
Girls Inc. of Westchester County
New York University
"Because of Girls Inc., I now believe that I am unstoppable and capable of anything and everything that I put my mind to."
Natalie Camacho
Girls Inc. of Orange County
California State University, Fullerton
"My involvement in Girls Inc. and K Girls taught me the importance of being educated on and going after opportunities that are available to anyone who is willing to better herself." 
Alicia Duke
Girls Inc. of Dothan
University of Southern Alabama
"I give credit to Girls Inc. of Dothan for comforting me and encouraging me to think positively at all times during my father's deployment."
Adriana Embus
Girls Inc. of Columbus & Phenix-Russell
Yale University
"Although [my high school] was both an academic and cultural shock, I always had Girls Inc. to lean on and to remind me of who I was as a person. It was at Girls Inc. that I learned to be me."
Kayla Futrell
​Girls Inc. of Columbus & Phenix-Russell
Clayton State University
"Girls Inc. taught me to never fear getting involved. By doing so, I continue to always learn new things and meet new people."
Carmela Garcia
Girls Inc. of Tarrant County
Texas State University
"I am a proud Girls Inc. girl who is determined to achieve my goals and serve my community in the way it has served my family and me."
Grace Guido
Girls Inc. of Orange County
California State University, Fullerton
"Girls Inc. taught me that I am the only person who can measure my value. The level I set for myself will be how others, including my college classmates, see me."
Alicia Kovary
Girls Inc. of Greater Santa Barbara
University of California, Santa Barbara
"I take pride in saying that Girls Inc. allowed me to be me."
Tessa Lee-Thomas
Girls Inc. of New York City
Brooklyn College
"At moments when I didn't feel good about myself, I knew that I could walk into the Girls Inc. office in my school and sit down and speak to anyone, and I would walk out feeling totally different. I would walk out feeling strong, smart, and bold." 
Cimani Lumzy
Girls Inc. of St. Louis
Harris Stowe State University
"During the worst of my medical times I found Girls Inc. family right there. They were always comforting me and helping me keep my spirits high."
Alexa Mato
​Girls Inc. of Westchester County
Iona College
"Because of Girls Inc., I know that I can travel the world, pursue rigorous coursework, change the world, and love the person I see in the mirror." 
Kayla Morales
Girls Inc. of Westchester County
Manhattanville College
"Girls Inc. Leadership Council inspired me not only to be a strong leader, but also to continue to strive, and reach, for my goals."
Rachael Nelson
Girls Inc. of Jackson County
Eastern Kentucky University
"I am now a kinder and more inclusive person because my Girls Inc. family made me feel loved."
Cynthia Okafor
Girls Inc. of Greater Houston
University of Texas, Austin
"Thanks to Girls Inc., I now see myself as a confident girl who believes in herself and knows that she can achieve anything she sets her mind to accomplish."
Kierra Ross
Girls Inc. of Greater Atlanta
The Ohio State University
"Participating in the Girls Inc.-ING Investment Challenge has given me the confidence and strength to push myself in college."
Ashley Snell
Girls Inc. of Dothan
Troy University
"Girls Inc. has made me self-confident, increased my leadership skills, and taught me how to overcome obstacles."
Akeyla Sterling
Girls Inc. of Westchester County
University of Connecticut
"I was broken, I was hurting, I was scared and Girls Inc. helped me in indescribable ways. I truly do not know where I would be emotionally or mentally today if it were not for Girls Inc." 
Jennifer Torres
Girls Inc. of Orange County
California State University, Long Beach
"Because of the Girls Inc. Teen Leadership Council program, I am more aware of what goes on in the real world."