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Inspiring all girls to be strong, smart, and bold

Girls Inc.: Inspiring all girls to be strong, smart and bold.

It's good to be a girl in this world today. I like being a girl because I can speak for myself. I can stand up for myself. Being a girl makes me strong.

2014 Girls Inc. Alumnae Scholars

The Girls Inc. Alumnae Collegiate Scholarship Program provides college women and former Girls Inc. participants with scholarships to continue pursuing higher education. Awardees demonstrate how they embody the Girls Inc. mission of being strong, smart, and bold and how Girls Inc. inspired them to pursue a college degree and reach for their career goals. Meet our 2014 Girls Inc. Alumnae Scholars:

Audrey Azevedo
Girls Inc. of Orange County
Santa Ana College, Studying Business Administration
"I don't think I would have gotten this far in my life or career goals without Girls Inc. in my life from the start."


Jill Barcelona 
Girls Inc. of the Island City    
University of California, Berkeley
"From the beginning of my involvement, I immediately saw Girls Inc. as a place where girls mature, develop life skills, and become aware that they can dream and achieve big."


Joan Barcelona 
Girls Inc. of the Island City
University of California, Berkeley    
"Girls Inc. has definitely inspired me to be strong, smart, and bold: characteristics that will help me all throughout my life."


Julianna Calcagno
Girls Inc. of Alameda County
University of New Haven, Studying Criminal Justice
"Everything I have done at Girls Inc. has impacted my life and has shaped who I am today."


Brisma Corona 
Girls Inc. of Orange County
San Diego State University, Studying Psychology
"Girls Inc. not only educated me in various ways, they turned my life around completely."



Adriana Embus 
Girls Inc. of Columbus & Phenix-Russell
Yale University, Studying Cognitive Science
“Girls Inc. became my safe place and my second home. It was the place where I did not have to be afraid.”


Carmela Garcia 
Girls Inc. of Tarrant County
Texas State University, Studying Accounting/Finance
“I know I can never repay Girls Inc. for what they have done for me, so my job is to pay it forward. I am here to help other girls feel strong, smart and bold.”


Katie Jenkins 
Girls Inc. of Columbus & Phenix-Russell
Wesleyan College, Studying Education    
“Girls Inc. helped me gain the confidence to go after my dreams."



Tessa Lee-Thomas
Girls Inc. of New York City
City University of New York, Brooklyn College
“My association with the Girls Inc. mentorship program taught me coping, self-esteem, self-love, self-learning, self-expression skills and much more.”


Taylor McAdams
Girls Inc. of Jackson County
Indiana University Southeast, Studying Communications
“Without having the positive role models and different lessons on being a leader at Girls Inc., I would not have the courage or skills to be the leader I am today.”


GeGe Merideth
Girls Inc. of Columbus & Phenix-Russell
Albany State University, Studying Forensic Science     
“The impact Girls Inc. has had on me is reflected in my continued determination to succeed in my educational goals and my career field.”


Alysha Otte
Girls Inc. of Jackson County
Indiana State University, Studying Elementary Education     
“Girls Inc. gave me a safe place to express myself. The organization gives so many girls all over the country the opportunities to make a difference in their communities.”


Selena Ponce
Girls Inc. of Tarrant County
Tarrant County College     
“Girls Inc. has changed my life and given me a chance to succeed at a time when I did not think it was possible.”


Kierra Ross
Girls Inc. of Greater Atlanta
Ohio State University, Studying Security and Intelligence
“Being a part of Girls Inc. impacted my life because it gave me the knowledge and the tools necessary to make a better future for myself.”


Karlie Schoenfelder
Girls Inc. of Jackson County
Indiana University, Southeast, Studying Nursing     
Being involved in the Girls Inc. programs has helped me develop into a much stronger, smarter, and bolder woman than I ever would have imagined myself to be without this experience.”


Ashley Snell
Girls Inc. of Dothan
Troy University, Studying Biomedical Science
“Girls Inc. has made me self-confident, increased my leadership skills, and taught me how to overcome obstacles.”


Ariel Tillman
Girls Inc. of Dothan
University of Alabama, Birmingham, Studying Health Care Management
“The Girls Inc. activities, programs, and lessons, taught me that the sky is the limit and women, young or old, are empowered to be whatever they want to be.”


Jennifer Urdenta
Girls Inc. of Alameda County
Guilford College
“Girls Inc. has helped me envision myself going to college and being successful. The mentors at Girls Inc. believed in me since the very beginning.”



Alexandria Van Dyke 
Girls Inc. of Albany
University of Georgia, Studying Business and Sport Management
The female empowering environment at Girls Inc. has shown me that it is perfectly fine to swell with pride about being an intelligent young woman with no fear of sharing my voice with the world.”


Keyssi Villeda
Girls Inc. of Bay County
Gulf Coast State College, Studying Surgical Technology
“At Girls Inc., I learned how to grow up, so I could reach my full potential."



Brooke White
Girls Inc. of Jackson County
Indiana University, Southeast, Studying Business and Human Resources
“Throughout my time as a Girls Inc. participant, and even growing into adulthood, the staff, volunteers, and fellow Girls Inc. girls inspired and influenced me."