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Inspiring all girls to be strong, smart, and bold




Emily Imagines a Successful Future

For 10 years, Girls Inc. provided Emily with a supportive and consistent environment, empowering her to overcome personal setbacks and learn to appreciate and imagine a bright future for herself.

When Emily began attending Girls Inc., she struggled with the absence of her father. His sudden departure led to feelings of abandonment, causing her to deal with these emotions through self-harm. The relationship between Emily and her mother became strained as Emily felt resentment and anger over the family’s situation. At the same time, with the loss of income, Emily’s mother struggled to provide for the family, creating further challenges.

Girls Inc. helped Emily reconnect with life. The positive environment provided an outlet for her to heal through music, dance, and fitness classes. She developed confidence in her abilities and found the support to improve her relationships with her mother. She also was able to develop “the most important relationship of all,” she said: the one with herself.

Through economic literacy programming, Emily gained a sense of power and freedom. She even used the skills she learned to help her mother build her own business, which helped the family find greater financial security.

Emily loves animals and plans to attend Oregon State University in the fall to study Animal Sciences. After graduation, Emily hopes to pursue a career as a veterinarian.

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“Because of Girls Inc. I no longer feel helpless. I now have the tools to live a life filled with power, freedom and possibility.”


Helping girls have bright financial futures

In April we celebrate Financial Literacy Month, dedicated to increasing awareness and importance of being economically independent and knowledgeable. Financial literacy is the ability to use basic economic concepts to make decisions about earning, saving, spending, and sharing money. 

Each year in April, we also recognize Equal Pay Day. Although women have made strides in the workforce, the wage gap continues to be a barrier to gender equality. Women on average make 70 cents to their male counterparts’ dollar. The disparity is even more pronounced for women of color. If current trends continue, we won’t see the gender gap dissolve until the year 2059. That is far too long. 

So what can we do now to ensure girls are prepared for economic independence? 

Combating stereotypes is a great place to start. Girls tend to feel less confident than boys about managing money. Socially, girls tend to be taught that their role is to be the caregiver and nurturer while boys tend to be taught that they are to be providers, which includes managing finances. At Girls Inc., we help girls build their knowledge and skills to enhance their financial competence and exercise control over their financial future. We also believe it is important girls understand and assert their rights relevant to their economic well-being. 

Think about the girls in your life and how you can help encourage them to push past societal barriers, take control of their future finances, and ultimately empower other girls and women to create a more equal society. 

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